If you’ve ever had to deal with the creepy crawler hitchhikers known as bed bugs, you’ve probably asked yourself a bunch of times how long is a bed bug’s life cycle?  You want to know how long these little critters are going to be around if you can’t get to an exterminator right away.

As far as insect life spans go, a Portland ME bed bug is up at the top of the chart, crawling around for much longer than we would prefer. They usually cap out around the 10-month mark, but there are a few who can live up to a year.

Life Cycle of a Bed Bug

Portland ME bed bug

There are multiple stages to a bed bug’s life. A female bed bug will lay groups of eggs with approximately 50 eggs to each group. The eggs take about 6 to 17 days to hatch.

When the female bed bug dies, she will have lain hundreds of eggs, hundreds of hitchhikers wanting to get in your home. The eggs are about 1 millimeter in size, about the size of a mustard seed. If the temperatures are ideal, a bed bug can go from the baby stage to a full-sized adult stage in about 37 days.

Warmer weather promotes faster bed bug development and reproduction. Baby bed bugs are called nymphs and they go through 5 stages of growth, shedding their skins, before becoming an adult.

Even as babies, bed bugs are ready to eat on your blood. If the climate and conditions are ideal, a bed bug can last up to a year without feeding. Even though bed bugs’ life cycle is relatively short, under a year, they live an active life which includes aggressive mating so you don’t want to try to let your Portland ME bed bug problem die out on it’s own. It won’t.

Portland ME Bed Bug Control

If you are seeing signs of a Portland ME bed bug infestation, don’t think the problem will go away on its own without intervention. You need to contact Main Bed Bugs and Pest Control immediately to get rid of your bed bugs. We are a family owned and operated company so we understand the need to be free of small critters. Give us a call today at (207) 650-8654 to get your home free and clear of bed bugs.