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Fleas Aren’t Just Your Dog’s Problem. When to Call a Flea Exterminator

There’s nothing quite like the fear you feel when you find out your pet has fleas. You’re thinking about the comfort of your pet, but you should also be thinking about your home. Many people don’t realize that having a flea infestation is not just a problem your animals have.

Getting a flea infestation is just like any other insect infestation – difficult to remove if waited too long. Fleas aren’t just your dog’s problem. Here’s how to know when to call a flea exterminator to get your home free of these critters!

Does Your Home Have Fleas?

A hand looking for fleas on a dog to see if it's time to call a flea exterminator.

The first step of getting rid of fleas from your home is finding out if you do in fact have fleas in your home. If you have a dog, they should be the first thing you look at. Dogs are the most common way fleas get into your home. They make your dogs very uncomfortable and they will continue to get more and more uncomfortable the longer the fleas go unnoticed and undealt with. You can use a small flea comb and brush backward on your dog’s hair to see if they have fleas.

If your dog does have fleas, you’ll want to perform what is called a “sock test” to see if your home has them. Put on knee-high white socks and walk around your floor – particularly carpeted areas – shuffling your feet, creating heat that fleas are attracted to. The fleas will cling to your warm socks as you pass them, showing up as little dark specs.

Flea Infestation Signs

Besides the sock test, which not everyone has time to do, there are a few tell-tale signs of a flea infestation to watch out for:

  • Flea dirt. Basically flea poop, this will show up as tiny blackish specs – almost like black pepper – that usually turn rusty red when smeared.
  • Flea eggs. Run your fingers through any carpet in your home and see if you can feel and see flea eggs which appear as tiny white specs.
  • Since fleas are attracted to heat, you can set up a lamp and some hot water with soap under the lamp. The fleas will be attracted to the heat of the lamp and fall into the soapy water which will kill them.

There are a dozen tested ways of getting rid of fleas from your home, like washing your bedding and steam cleaning your carpet, however, you should call an exterminator if you want the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. For all of these qualities in your flea exterminator, call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control today at (207) 650-8654.

Small Business Pest Control in Lewiston, ME

There’s not much else that will scare off potential customers faster than a pest problem. Roaches in a restaurant? Bed bugs in a hotel room? Mice in clothing store? No. Absolutely not. Your customers will drop everything they are about to buy and run for the hills.

Not only do you lose their business, but you lose their friends’ business as they share their experience via social media and word-of-mouth. These days, social media and word-of-mouth can either make or break your business.

5 Reasons for Small Business Pest Control in Lewiston, ME

Small Business Pest Control in Lewiston, MEMany businesses have shut down due to pest infestation. Don’t let that be you! If you’re not concerned about small business pest control issues, here are five ways a pest infestation can ruin your business:

  • Loss of Business. All businesses agree that customers are their number one priority, especially when it comes to keeping them. Having pests make that difficult.
  • Decrease in Revenue. When you lose customers, you lose revenue. Once a pest problem is made aware to the customers, they will stop coming to your business.
  • Damaged Reputation. A pest problem will definitely start a conversation about your business and once people get wind that a bug or rodent was spotted in your business, your reputation will be lost.
  • Structural Damage. Not a reason that is often thought about, but pests can damage the building structure of your business. They can chew through wood, drywall, and electrical wiring which can cause damages that are expensive to repair.
  • Closing the Business. In the most severe cases, a pest problem can ultimately cause your business to shut down. If and when you decide to reopen, it can be difficult to gain customer loyalty.

Keep Your Business Open with Small Business Pest Control

Don’t let pesky pests keep your business from flourishing into what you dreamed it to be. Let Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control keep those critters away so you can do what you do best: work and build your business. We understand how, as a small business, it can be difficult to get the business up and running, so once you’ve succeeded in that, don’t let something manageable like pests ruin it. We can help keep your pests in check. All you have to do is give us a call at (207) 650-8654!