It’s spooky season and nothing is scarier for Maine homeowners than these worrisome pests. Protect your home as the weather cools down by knowing the signs of these pests invading and having a professional backup from Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control.

Top Pests that Worry Maine Homeowners
You know what they say, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute.” If only pests listened to this advice. Instead, reptile, mammal, and insect pests often wait for the chill in the air to seek out warm spaces in your basement, under your porch, or even in your walls.


Is there anything creepier than turning on your basement light and seeing a snake hanging from the floor joists? It’s more likely to happen in the cooler months as these reptiles seek out heat.
While we are lucky in main to have no venomous snakes, they are still not welcome house guests. If you encounter a snake inside your home, contact a pest control company to safely remove it and close up spaces where the snake may have entered.

Rats and Mice

Small and fuzzy, rats and mice occasionally make for adorable pets, but not when they sneak into your house. Though little, these rodents can bring big problems. Their feces can spread diseases that infect humans and require careful removal. They can also get into food and contaminate these as well. Most dangerous, rodents in walls may damage wiring, leading to fires. As they seek refuge from the cold in interior spaces, it is important to work with pest control to prevent fire risks from rodents.


Encouraging the local bat population is a great way to cut down on bad insects like mosquitoes during the summer. But that doesn’t mean you want bats inside your house. Bats are not necessarily aggressive animals but when infected with rabies they have been known to go after humans. Though rare, the potential for getting bit by a bat increases in enclosed spaces like your house. Making sure to exclude bats from areas like attics is an important step for avoiding a run-in with a rabid, flying pest.

Stinging Insects

As the summer comes to an end, stinging insects are dying off. But some do seek warmth inside. Be careful in entryway and attic spaces for wasps and bees at this time of year. Though they may be moving slower in the cold, you can encounter them unexpectedly. Preventing insect entrance at access points to the house is something a pest control company can help with.

Nuisance Wildlife

Finally, one of the most concerning pests that Maine residents face is nuisance wildlife. This may range from trash-scavenging raccoons to aggressive fishers. When you encounter nuisance wildlife, the best thing to do is call in a professional to assist with trapping, removing, and preventative measures that keep them from coming back.

Don’t put up with these worrisome pests this coming season. Get ahead of them when you call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control for a review of potential entrance locations. Reach out to us at (207) 650-8654 for pest control services today.