Beat the Top Summer Pests in Portland, ME

Beat the Top Summer Pests in Portland, MESummer is the time to relax, enjoy the sun, and splash around in the water. However, while you’re getting out of your house, pesky little pests are also coming out of their holes and trying to find a way into your home.

Most of these summer pests are looking for food and you are their perfect target. Beating the top summer pests in Portland, ME can be difficult if you don’t know which pests to look out for.

Here are the top 5 summer pests to watch for and how to prevent them.


Probably the biggest nuisance of the summer, mosquitos are relentless in their buzzing and biting and can leave you covered in multiple itchy bumps and a sour mood. Mosquitos are known to be carriers of harmful diseases such as the West Nile Virus. June is peak population season for mosquitos so you’ll want to start preventative measures early in your summer season.

The key to mosquito prevention is eliminating pools of water. Mosquitos use these pools for reproduction and by eliminating these breeding sites on your property, mosquitoes will disperse in search of other areas. You can also use mosquito traps and citronella candles.


Portland Pest Control ServiceAlthough virtually harmless to human health, ants can be a nuisance for homeowners, especially during the summer months. Ants usually begin their summer assault at the end of July and can quickly take over your home if not properly removed.

The key to deterring ants is to make sure all your food is stored and sealed properly. Clean up any crumbs that may remain after a meal and remove your garbage on a regular basis.


During the cold Maine winters, termites go deep underground in order to survive. With the weather warming up, they begin their move to the surface in search of food.

If they’re near your home, they could begin eating the wooden structures that support your house, rendering it unlivable.

Termite prevention requires proactive inspections of the wooden structures of your home. Signs of termites usually appear after a tremendous amount of damage has already been done so it is important to contact a pest control professional right away.


What Restaurant Owners Can Do to Prevent PestsCockroaches tend to be a big problem during the summer when they look for a safe place to escape the extreme temperatures. Since cockroaches can reproduce quickly, they can become a major problem in a matter of days. The key to preventing cockroaches is to reduce what attracts them.

Food scraps should be properly cleaned up and thrown out, your garbage should be taken out regularly, and clutter should be picked up often so as to remove hiding spaces. Taking the proper precautions now will help reduce your chances of an infestation in the future.

If you find your home is being invaded by pests, call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest control today at (207) 650-8654 and beat the top summer pests in Portland, ME.