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Bed Bug Extermination for Military Families

Bed Bug Extermination | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlBed bugs have resurged worldwide for a number of reasons. Increased travel, living within close proximity to neighbors (especially in big cities) and more limited use of pesticides and chemicals all have contributed to the bed bug epidemic. Those key elements are even more pronounced for the military and they, too, have to deal with bed bug outbreaks and potentially bringing the little critters to their southern Maine homes. It’s important to know the ins and outs of bed bug extermination for military families.

Top Travelers

By now we all know that bed bugs are terrific travelers. They hitch rides on luggage, in moving boxes, and in the tiny crevices of furniture. This makes those who travel, especially military, even more susceptible to bringing home the bugs. And bed bugs can live anywhere – from swanky and spotless hotels to ships, trains and healthcare facilities.

To keep bed bugs from traveling home with your military family, check and treat luggage after coming home from a trip. Wash clothing and luggage contents in hot water and put anything you can in the hot dryer. Bed bugs can’t stand the heat. To further protect your home, consider enclosing your mattresses and box springs in allergen covers. And always alert hotel management if you see or suspect bed bugs.

Bring the Heat

If you’re in need of bed bug extermination for military families, call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control today at 207-650-8654. Stopping an infestation as soon as it’s spotted is your best line of defense. Our advanced heat treatment will stop bed bugs in their tracks and keep your family safe.