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Bed Bug Extermination for Southern Maine Hotel Managers

Bed Bugs On Pillow |Maine Bed Bugs And Pest ControlWorking in the hospitality industry can be tough, between managing customers’ expectations and complaints and making sure employees are adhering to high customer service standards. So what do you do when tiny little uninvited guests move into your hotel and threaten to bring your five star rating down to four or three? You call Main Bed Bugs and Pest Control, the one and only bed bug exterminator for southern Maine hotel managers.

What’s at Risk

While bed bugs do not pose any known health risks (though research is continuing, and they may carry some diseases), bed bugs can be absolutely detrimental to a hotel. The hotel is at risk of losing customers and ratings, which can come at a huge economic impact. What’s more, you are responsible for using “reasonable care” in protecting the health of your guests.

Some legislature exists that could put hotels in charge of paying for any medical treatments for guests. What’s more, the hotel will be under much more scrutiny if it is found out that the hotel knew about the bed bugs and did not handle the situation promptly.

Back on Top

So how do hotel managers recover from a bed bug infestation? First, act swiftly. Call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to assess the situation and devise a treatment plan. Bed bugs can multiple quickly, so it’s important to treat them as soon as you know you have them. With a hotel, the bugs can potentially travel between walls, making it nearly impossible to treat only one room or section at a time.

With Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control’s heat treatments, large buildings and areas can be treated simultaneously, greatly reducing any downtime for the hotel and thus preventing lost revenue. The heat treatment is safe and leaves behind no residue, making it ideal for hotel managers. If you suspect you have these guests that just won’t leave, call us at (207) 650-8654 to send them packing..