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If you own a hotel, motel, or manage an apartment complex in South Windham ME, you have probably needed bed bugs exterminators. These bugs have become a major problem for many businesses, and have spread to homes in record numbers, as well. The problem is that bed bugs lay eggs every single day, and the bugs and eggs can all go dormant for an extended period of time. This means that they can outlast many chemical treatments designed to kill bed bugs.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

However, bed bugs exterminators in South Windham have a secret weapon. The use of a heat treatment for bed bugs is becoming more and more preferred for killing even dormant bugs and eggs.

How It Works

There are basically 2 ways to use heat treatment for bed bugs. A steam treatment will often kill bed bugs, their eggs, and the dormant bugs.

With a steam treatment, the exterminator comes in with a professional steamer and carefully steams all of the Bed Bugs Exterminators South Windhamaffected areas. This is usually around the bed. The reason these little pests stay around your bed is that they are attracted by CO2, which humans exhale. As people sleep, they breathe more deeply, which means their exhalations are deeper, too. This releases more CO2 into the air, attracting bed bugs.

So, the exterminator will steam your mattress, box springs, bed frame, and the floor beneath the bed to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Extreme heat is necessary because bed bugs can survive temperatures up to 120 degrees F. Your exterminator will also steam the drapes and other areas of the bedroom, just in case the infestation is widespread.

Another way to use heat treatment for bed bugs is to use a heater. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control has a patented machine that increases the temperature of the entire room, killing the bugs and their eggs, wherever they may be. This is actually a more efficient way to kill bed bugs.

Dormant Bugs

One of the problems with getting rid of bed bugs is that they can stay dormant for so long. If the bed bugs don’t crawl out of your luggage onto your bed, they will remain in your luggage and remain dormant until the next time you pack for a trip. Then, the infestation can occur again. The only solution is to make sure that your luggage is free of bed bugs. You can place it in the room you are having treated, and any dormant bugs hidden in your luggage, and any eggs they have laid, will be killed. The exterminator can then place CO2 traps in the closet, basement, or attic, attracting and trapping any bed bugs that may have crawled out of the luggage while it was in storage.

Why Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is the best way to get rid of bed bugs because it kills them at every stage of development. Spray will kill the bugs that the sprayed chemical comes in contact with. But, the eggs, for some reason, won’t hatch until the danger from any chemical application is gone. Then, the eggs hatch, and the infestation reoccurs. This is one reason why bed bugs are so hard to get rid of.

Dormant bugs simply don’t crawl through the chemical. The bugs must come into contact with any chemical in order to be poisoned, so all they have to do is remain dormant until the chemical loses its potency. Once that happens, the bugs come out of dormancy, and begin breeding again – every day – and feeding on their human meals every night.

With Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control, you can have heat treatment for every room that has been infested and kill the bugs, dormant nymphs and adults, and eggs, all at the same time. This keeps a re-infestation from occurring.

Treating Infestations

It is increasingly important to treat bed bug infestations quickly, with broad applications. For example, in an apartment complex, if a heavy infestation of bed bugs is found in one apartment, not only that apartment but the ones on each side of it must be treated. But, the treatment for bed bugs doesn’t stop there. The apartment across the hall, above the infected apartment, and below it must also be treated. Bed bug infestations can be very intense, and are notoriously hard to end. That’s why you should have your property or home tested regularly for the presence of bed bugs, and take immediate action if any are found.

Any Public Place

Any public place can be infested with bed bugs. Bus stops, restaurants, theaters – any place where people are found, bed bugs are found. That’s because they burrow into people clothes, into the hems, socks, and shoes, and can drop out anywhere. They are so resilient that they can “go shopping” for a host and a home. Bed bug repellant can keep them from thinking that your restaurant booths and carpet would be a good hiding place, but you need to be on a schedule with your exterminator to have regular treatments.

Avoiding Bed Bugs

Since these bugs are so hardy, it is sometimes difficult to determine where you may have picked up the initial bugs that started your infestation. Usually, it is some place where you spent the night. Don’t put your suitcase on the bed or floor. Use a chair or the luggage rack provided in most hotel rooms. Spray the seams of your luggage with repellant before you pack. It will help discourage the bugs from crawling into your suitcase or into the clothes packed in it.

You should also inspect any bed you plan to sleep in. Look in the seams of the mattress for signs of bug feces and dead bugs. Call today for an estimate.

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Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control uses heat to halt severe infestations, and can kill bed bugs for you.