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Exterminator Near Me

Searching for “an exterminator near me” is a common Google search. Why because people want to be sure they find a exterminator with a good reputation!  Here in the beautiful southwest region of Maine, we are home to the state’s two largest cities- Portland and Lewiston. Our area offers an exciting mix of bustling city life, blissful sandy beaches, scenic mountain views, and an abundance of recreational and cultural activities.

Pest Control Exterminator Services Spraying Termite Solution

Despite this idyllic setting, pest infestations are a common and annoying problem. When you have bugs, you will need a reliable, fast-acting, and thorough local exterminator. If you need a professional exterminator in the Portland or Lewiston areas, you can rely on Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control to get the job done. If your search for an “exterminator near me” leads you to us, you are in luck. We exterminate the variety of bugs and rodents that you want out of your home or business pronto!

Common Pest Problems

Maine Bed Beg and Pest Control can rid your home of all kinds of pests, but these are some of the most commonly requested exterminator services in southwest Maine.

Wood boring insects: This includes termites and carpenter ants that dig into the wooden structures of your home and can cause serious damage.

Cockroaches: These disgusting pests cause health hazards and are notoriously difficult to get rid of without professional help.

Parasites: Parasitic pests like fleas and bedbugs feed on the blood of humans and animals. Bites from parasites can cause great discomfort and pose health hazards, so it is important to quickly and thoroughly exterminate them.

Wasps, Hornets, and Bees: These insects provide significant benefits to our environment, but anyone who’s been stung knows that it is painful and potentially dangerous for those with related allergies. Call the pros to remove these insects with safe, eco-friendly methods.

Flies: There are many types of flies that can be buzzing around your home (house flies, drain flies, fruit flies, gnats, blow flies, and bottle flies), but they carry bacteria and are a nuisance.

In addition to these extermination services, we also provide real estate termite inspection, small business pest control, and wildlife removal and prevention.

Most store-bought sprays are a temporary solution and do not really get to the heart of the problem. The safest and most effective way to rid your home of these pests is to bring in a professional exterminator, one who knows how to handle the chemicals often needed to get rid of the assortment of pests folks deal with here in Maine.

Why Choose Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control?

We know how uncomfortable and disruptive pest infestations can be to your family. When searching for an “exterminator near me,” if your search brings you to the southwest region of Maine and Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control, you are all set.  As a family-owned and oriented business, we treat your home with care and respect. We are dedicated to exterminating pests safely and effectively without damaging the integrity of your home.

At Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control, we specialize in safe, eco-friendly extermination. We use heat treatment for removing pests and their eggs. This process does not use any fumes and leaves no residue behind. We also use organic eco-friendly pest treatment chemicals when necessary to rid your home and housing structure of pests.

Our process requires one day for treatment, compared to lengthy, repetitious competitive solutions, and does not require you to throw out bedding, clothes, or linens. Our services are completed quickly and meticulously so you experience minimal disruptions.

If you are experiencing pest problems, call Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control (207-650-8654) to quickly restore the safety and comfort of your home.

What is Green Extermination?

Many industries have been adapting their methods to be kinder to the environment, and pest control is no exception. Green extermination, using safer, eco-friendly products, has been growing steadily over the past few years. Traditional pest control uses synthetic chemicals, many of which have been found to be harmful to us and our planet.

What is Green Extermination?

There are now many more options for solving a pest infestation without putting your family and the environment at risk. Read on to learn more about the benefits of green extermination services.

Green vs. Traditional Extermination

Traditional pest control utilizes synthetic chemicals to eliminate and/or control pest populations. These chemicals are used sparingly, often in just the right amount to target the pest issue, but there is still concern that these products can have harmful side effects for humans, pets, and the environment.

Green extermination, on the other hand, uses more natural ingredients to solve pest problems with a lower environmental impact. Green pest control products are made using flowers, plants, and other natural essences, rather than harsh chemicals. Many customers worry that green products are not as strong, but they have been shown to be just as effective as traditional methods.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a method used by green pest control service providers. This approach places more of a focus on preventing a bug infestation, rather than having to treat it.

The 5 steps of an IPM program typically include Inspection, Identification, Monitoring, Implementation, and Evaluation.

IPM can be used in combination with other green methods to prevent and eliminate infestations in a healthier way. Instead of pesticides, it relies on the use of fences, traps, and baits. Employing

IPM tactics can help to cut down on the need for pest control of either kind, green or traditional.

Benefits of Green Extermination

Green extermination provides many benefits compared to traditional methods, including:

Safety: Green products are safer for humans, pets, and the environment, while still being effective.

Less irritation: People who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions will experience less irritation with green pest control management.

Fewer Pesticides: Green extermination reduces the need for harmful pesticides (by up to 90%!)

A solution to Resistant Infestations: Traditional chemicals can lose their effectiveness over time as bugs build up a tolerance. Green products can work around insecticide-resistant infestation problems.

Safer Pest Control at Maine Bed Bugs

Here at Maine Bed Bugs, we know that it can be stressful to have a bug infestation, but it can be even more worrying to expose your family to dangerous chemicals to solve the problem. This is why we employ a variety of different green and eco-friendly pest control methods.

We even have a patented heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs without harmful residue or fumes. Our goal is to get your home back to normal as safely and quickly as possible.

Interested in eco-friendly pest control methods? Give us a call at (207) 650-8654 to learn more about what we offer.

Be Proactive About Mice and Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestations in and around homes can be extremely destructive. Each species has its own nesting and feeding behaviors, which can cause damage to homes, yards, and even gardens.

Knowing the warning signs and taking steps to prevent infestation is key to avoiding serious damage. If an infestation does happen, an experienced pest control company can help you take care of the problem quickly and safely.

Be Proactive About Mice and Rodent Infestation

How to Prevent Rodent Infestation

The best ways to prevent a rodent infestation are to block access to your home and create an inhospitable environment. To block access, seal exterior openings where animals may be able to get through. These are typically small spaces like cracks in the wall, gaps in siding, or even roof vents.

Keeping your home clean can also help deter rodents. One of the main reasons that rodents enter your home is to find a food source. Avoid leaving food lying around and clean up any crumbs that may build up on your counters or floors.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

There are several ways to spot a rodent infestation before it becomes a major issue. One of the first signs is usually seeing droppings around your property. Inside your home, you may even see chew marks on wood or cardboard. Mice and other rodents are known to chew on anything from baseboards to electrical wires.

You may also find nests inside your home. Rodents are very clever when it comes to building nests and will use any material they can find to build a warm shelter.

One last major sign of mice or other rodents in your home is hearing them! When your home is quiet, you may be able to hear squeaking or scratching noises coming from your walls. If you hear these kinds of noises, it’s important to contact a qualified pest control company as soon as possible.

Humane Wildlife Removal

If you do experience a rodent infestation, you may worry that the only solution is to kill the animals. However, there are many other methods to control wildlife humanely.

After a thorough inspection of your home, a plan can be made to remove the animals safely, while still protecting your home.

Traps with bait are then set in and around your home. An internal mechanism will let animals climb in to get to the food, then trap them inside. These traps are often large and can hold several small animals at once. Once the animals are caught, they can be released back into the wild.

Maine Bed Bugs Rodent Infestation Solutions

Being proactive about rodent infestations is an important part of avoiding severe damage to your home. At Maine Bed Bugs, we take great care in safely removing wildlife from your home and helping you prevent them from returning.

If you notice any of the signs listed above or are already suffering from an infestation, there’s no need to panic. Give us a call at (207) 650-8654 to see how we can help you keep your home wildlife-free in the safest and most humane way possible.

How Do Maine Bugs Prepare for Coming Winter?

Throughout the spring and summer months, Maine’s population is pestered by thousands of species of insects. However, these Maine bugs seem to become much less of a problem in the winter. So where exactly do they go? Like humans, insects find many different ways to escape the winter cold.

How Do Maine Bugs Prepare for Coming Winter?


To prepare for the coming winter, ants will work to put on extra weight during the fall months. They will then find someplace warm to settle down and hibernate. Depending on the species, this might be under a rock or even between the bark of a tree. Some ants move further underground and block the entrance holes with soil. Once they find a place, they will stay there until the weather starts to warm up again.


Many people believe that spiders will come into their houses during the fall and winter months to escape the cold. The truth is that house spiders and outdoor spiders are usually not the same species. Many outdoor spiders are able to accumulate glycol compounds in their bloodstream that keep them from being affected by below-freezing temperatures.

Even after building up these “antifreeze” glycols, spiders will still try to seek out a place to hide for the winter. Many anti-freeze-producing spiders will work their way through the top layer of snow to reach the “subnivean zone.” This area will protect them until the warmer spring months return.


In contrast to many other insect species, Maine’s bees have a fairly social winter season! As soon as temperatures start dropping, bees retreat into their hives and join together in a “winter huddle.” While in the huddle, the bees stay in constant motion. This energy helps to keep the hive alive until winter ends.

Snow Fleas

Snow fleas are the most common winter bug in Maine. In fact, there are billions of them living in forests all across the state. These tiny creatures live in the soil and survive off of fungi, bacteria, and leaf matter on the forest floor.

Like many other Maine insects, snow fleas stay alive by producing “antifreeze” chemicals and staying buried under the snow.


After worrying so much about ticks during the spring and summer months, many people hope that these pests die off in the winter. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Some tick species, like a dog and lone star ticks, do go dormant during the winter months. However, deer ticks can stay active and continue searching for hosts. Scientists have even found some ticks that can survive overnight in 3-degree weather!

Winter Pest Control

Maine’s many insect species all have different ways of preparing for the cold winter months. While you may see less of these pests during winter, it’s still important to keep up with your pest control services. It may be cold outside, but your warm home is a great place for some Maine bugs to hide until spring.

As a trusted family business, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is dedicated to keeping your home free of pests. Give us a call today at (207) 650-8654 to learn about our safe and affordable pest control services.

Top Pests that Worry Maine Homeowners

It’s spooky season and nothing is scarier for Maine homeowners than these worrisome pests. Protect your home as the weather cools down by knowing the signs of these pests invading and having a professional backup from Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control.

Top Pests that Worry Maine Homeowners
You know what they say, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute.” If only pests listened to this advice. Instead, reptile, mammal, and insect pests often wait for the chill in the air to seek out warm spaces in your basement, under your porch, or even in your walls.


Is there anything creepier than turning on your basement light and seeing a snake hanging from the floor joists? It’s more likely to happen in the cooler months as these reptiles seek out heat.
While we are lucky in main to have no venomous snakes, they are still not welcome house guests. If you encounter a snake inside your home, contact a pest control company to safely remove it and close up spaces where the snake may have entered.

Rats and Mice

Small and fuzzy, rats and mice occasionally make for adorable pets, but not when they sneak into your house. Though little, these rodents can bring big problems. Their feces can spread diseases that infect humans and require careful removal. They can also get into food and contaminate these as well. Most dangerous, rodents in walls may damage wiring, leading to fires. As they seek refuge from the cold in interior spaces, it is important to work with pest control to prevent fire risks from rodents.


Encouraging the local bat population is a great way to cut down on bad insects like mosquitoes during the summer. But that doesn’t mean you want bats inside your house. Bats are not necessarily aggressive animals but when infected with rabies they have been known to go after humans. Though rare, the potential for getting bit by a bat increases in enclosed spaces like your house. Making sure to exclude bats from areas like attics is an important step for avoiding a run-in with a rabid, flying pest.

Stinging Insects

As the summer comes to an end, stinging insects are dying off. But some do seek warmth inside. Be careful in entryway and attic spaces for wasps and bees at this time of year. Though they may be moving slower in the cold, you can encounter them unexpectedly. Preventing insect entrance at access points to the house is something a pest control company can help with.

Nuisance Wildlife

Finally, one of the most concerning pests that Maine residents face is nuisance wildlife. This may range from trash-scavenging raccoons to aggressive fishers. When you encounter nuisance wildlife, the best thing to do is call in a professional to assist with trapping, removing, and preventative measures that keep them from coming back.

Don’t put up with these worrisome pests this coming season. Get ahead of them when you call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control for a review of potential entrance locations. Reach out to us at (207) 650-8654 for pest control services today.

Keeping Your Business Bug-Free

Even more than homeowners, business owners feel the pressure to keep their businesses bug-free. Answering both customers and the health department, having a clean and healthy business is essential for companies to stay open and maintain a good reputation. When businesses work with experienced pest control companies like Maine Bed Bugs, they can feel confident that their premises are remaining bug-free and that their business will not be interrupted by closures thanks to surprise infestations.

Small Business Pest Control in Lewiston, ME

There are several industries that benefit from regular pest control maintenance and steps that all companies can take to tackle pests on the premises.

Food Industry

Out of all businesses, the food industry faces the most pressure to remain pest-free. Besides the health department requirements, the horror of making a customer sick inspires many restaurants and stores to take steps that prevent bugs.

Because that’s the reality of bugs and other pests in the food industry: they’re not just icky, they can make people very sick. Like salmonella carried by roaches, the potential pathogens carried by bugs around food could result in serious illness, lawsuits, and business closure.

Hospitality Industry

Anyone working in the hospitality industry has dealt with the threat of bed bugs at some point or another. Bed bugs can cause serious skin irritation and secondary infections. But worse than their bites is the way they can spread rapidly through an inn, even making their way into guests’ luggage and infesting their home when they return.

Being associated with a bed bug outbreak is just about the worst marketing disaster a hotel can face. Taking preventative and immediate measures to deal with bed bugs will stop the threat of them for hospitality businesses.


Work with Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to shore up your pest prevention plan. We tackle the potential for pest infestation in businesses by looking for places on the property that may foster bug growth.

Eliminating space for exterior intrusions like vents without screening or open gaps around windows and doors is a good first step. Using safe and reasonable preventative products can also reduce infestation risks. Combined with common sense cleanliness, these strategies will end the chance for bugs to take off inside your business.

Non-Toxic Treatments

But in the event that some little critters find their way into your business, Maine Bed Bugs also offers non-toxic, customer-safe treatments that can be completed quickly without the need for extended closures.

For instance, using heat treatments on bed bugs is just as effective as tenting your business. But it’s non-toxic and can be completed during your off hours without the need to shut up shop for days. Using smart strategies with a pest control company like us can save your business time and efficiency.

Need pest control care at your business? Whether you want to be proactive or need pest control yesterday, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is here for you. Reach out at (207) 650-8654 to start keeping your business bug-free today.

How to Choose a Reliable Pest Control Company

You don’t want to get let down by your pest control company when you need them most. When it comes to dangerous infestations like bed bugs, stinging insects, or rodents, having a reliable pest control company on call for your home or business is the best way to avoid injury, illness, or unnecessary closures.

How to Choose a Reliable Pest Control Company

Look for these qualities in a pest company before committing to hiring them:

Highly Recommended

Whether by word of mouth or online reviews an established, the competent company should come with some glowing endorsements. Ask around or get online to find out more about the company you’re looking into.

Look for some “green flags” in their reviews, such as mentions of being on time, sticking to a budget, and completely successful removals. Vaguely positive reviews may not be as valid as you hope they are.

Officially Recognized

There are a few things to check to make sure your pest control company is an officially recognized, reliable company. Start by looking for listings in directories or professional associations. These can tell you whether or not a local authority is familiar with them.

Ask for copies of their insurance, bonding, and licensing. You should always have access to this kind of information before letting a service person onto your property.

Willing to Give a Quote

Inviting a pest control company out to your house to get a quote can tell you several important things. First, you can get familiar with the staff before letting them actually work on your property.

Second, you can get everything in writing such as their estimates, plan, scheduling, and more. A company that is reluctant to write these items down and commit to a plan may not be the best to hire.

Environmentally Conscious

It may seem counterintuitive to look for an exterminator who cares about animals and the environment, but just because they are willing to get rid of one dangerous pest doesn’t mean they don’t care about the surrounding ecosystems. Some pest control companies are pesticide-happy and willing to spray it whenever or wherever even if it is unneeded.

A reliable, quality pest control company will start low and go slow with escalated pest control measures. They care about protecting the plants, wildlife, pets, and kids who will live and play on the surfaces they may have to treat to get rid of pests.

For example, at Maine Bed Bugs we tackle bed bug infestations with heat treatments. These are not dangerous to pets or humans and don’t require you to leave the house for days. Starting with the least potentially harmful treatment is the sign of a patient, experienced company.

You can feel confident you’re working with a reliable pest control company when you hire Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. Check out our reviews and official documents, request a quote, and ask about how we plan to reduce our impact on your home before we get started. We want you to feel satisfied with the services we provide.

Call to request an inspection and quote or to ask questions about our process at (207) 650-8654 today!

Remedies for Ticks, Blackflies & Mosquitoes

Ah, summer in Maine. There’s nothing like the sun, the fresh air, the blooming flowers—and the ticks, blackflies, and mosquitoes. For most people, it wouldn’t even feel like summer without these pests, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome guests on your patio.

Pests Remedies for Ticks, Blackflies & Mosquitoes

Try out some of these remedies for ticks, blackflies, and mosquitoes to make your yard and home a little more comfortable this summer.


If you’re looking for some less intensive remedies for ticks, think environmentally and herbally. There’s a variety of steps you can take that make getting to you harder for ticks.

When it comes to your yard, strategic landscaping may reduce the presence of ticks. Some suggest ringing your yard in a barrier of wood chips that make it more difficult for ticks to cross.

You can prevent carrier animals that carry ticks from crossing into your yard as well. This means keeping animals like mice and deer out of your yard. A good fence can prevent larger carriers from entering. Making your yard less attractive to small carriers by removing food or water sources can also reduce your mouse and thus tick population.

Bring in the birds. If you want to remove ticks that are present in your yard, getting chickens or guinea fowl can take care of your tick population. These hungry hunt-and-peck birds eat a variety of pests that show up in your grass.

For prevention on yourself, there are many herbal remedies that may fight off ticks. Some of these include strong-smelling oils from plants like lemon, peppermint, and citronella. These may repel ticks due to their strong scents.


Black fly season can be deeply unpleasant as these buzzing, biting insects invade your personal space. It’s no surprise folks are desperate for a way to evict these unwelcome intruders from the home.

Luckily, a tried and true home remedy seems to get these flies every time (and will also work on things like fruit flies). Mix a sweet, pungent liquid like wine or apple cider vinegar in a shallow container with liquid dishwashing soap. Black flies are attracted to the sweet scent but will die after drinking the soap.


Like ticks, repelling mosquitos involves a multi-layered approach to several remedies both environmentally and personally. If you have any citronella leftover from banishing ticks in your yard, you can try putting it to use against mosquitoes, too. Citronella has long been added to candles, torches, and personal repellent sprays as a natural remedy against mosquitoes.

You can try planting citronella as well as some other strongly scented herbs like lavender and basil which hold promise for warding off mosquitoes. Strategically placing these plants around your yard while also removing standing water from planters, puddles, and more makes your outdoor space inhospitable to mosquitos.

And if these remedies don’t work, there’s always Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to bring in the heavy-duty equipment and treat pests like ticks, black flies, and mosquitoes. Call today for complete pest control services at (207) 650-8654.

Summer Insects to Watch Out for and How to Control Them

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good summer picnic—including the ants. Summer activities are all too often ruined by unpleasant run-ins with unwanted insects. Control pests better with expert help on your side thanks to Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control.

Summer Insects to Watch Out for and How to Control Them


In many parts of the world, mosquitoes are feared for the deadly diseases they carry. In Maine, getting seriously ill from a mosquito is unlikely. However, the risk of the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus, Jamestown Canyon Virus, and West Nile Virus does exist. Prevent these infections and the nuisance of mosquitos with proper pest management and DIY control measures.

Mosquito-proofing your patio is a great way to enjoy your time outside more without feeling harassed by pests all along. Using hanging screens or mosquito netting around a porch or patio shelters you from a variety of flying insects. In summer evenings where you are likely to have lights or candles going that attract bugs, using screening to ward them off is a simple, affordable step to make your space more comfortable.


There are a great variety of bees that you may come in contact with over the summer, but all pose their own risk. There’s a balance between protecting these essential pollinators and living with a hive in your home. Not only can you be stung by bees living on or near your home, but their rapidly expanding hives can do damage to walls, siding, and attic spaces.

Particularly if someone in your home has a bee sting allergy, contacting us for hive removal is essential.


Ants are another nuisance insect that occasionally causes bigger problems. In general, finding long trails of ants throughout your home in the summertime is simply an unpleasant occurrence.

Occasionally, ants can be dangerous if they are the type that stings or if they get into food. Ants can carry bacteria and funguses. When they get into food, these germs could be spread to humans who consume the food unknowingly. They can also lead to food spoilage.

Pest control can help block ant access points and remove those present in the home.


Perhaps a little worse than ants, but for all the same reasons, flies that arrive for the summer are a real buzzkill. Also carrying bacteria and other pathogens, flies are a huge problem in the kitchen. Removing them and preventing their return is essential to keeping your home happy and healthy during the summertime.

Like ants, pest control can help prevent and remove flies in your home.

Eco-Friendly Treatment

Just because you want to curb the population of nuisance bugs sharing your living space doesn’t mean you want to go scorched earth on the environment around your home with dangerous chemical pest control. Protect the other wildlife, pets, and vegetation around your home by contacting Main Bed Bugs and Pest Control to learn about our eco-friendly treatments for summer pests.

From heat-based treatments to other non-toxic options, we know how important it is for families to control pests without putting pets and children at risk. Contact us today at (207) 650-8654 for more information about treatment today.

Spring Is the Perfect Time for Pest Control Services

Just when the weather gets good enough to throw open the windows and enjoy the outdoors you remember…it is mosquito season, too. Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about scheduling your pest control services. When it comes to making your outdoor spaces safe and keeping your indoor spaces pest-free, Maine Bed Bugs knows what it takes to keep things on lock.

Spring Is the Perfect Time to Consider Scheduled Pest Control Services


If you’ve been asking yourself “Who invited these ants to dinner?” you’re not alone. One of the earliest signs of spring can be that steady, squirming line across your kitchen floor as the ants come marching in.

Ants aren’t typically dangerous in the way infectious disease-carrying or stinging insects are. But they do carry germs and given their attraction to food sources are an undoubtedly gross pest to see crawling over your fruit basket. Large numbers of ants can ruin food.
With enough contact—say accidentally sitting on some burrowed between couch cushions—ants will also bite. Though these are not typically dangerous, they can be painful and uncomfortable.

Treating ants and preventing their re-entry into the home is a project Maine Bed Bugs can help you tackle this pest control project. Protect your food and get rid of these unwelcome guests before they take hold this spring.


If you’ve lived in a mosquito-laden area for a while now you’re probably familiar with the claim that mosquitos are the deadliest animal. Indeed, around the world, people die in high numbers from mosquito-borne diseases. In Maine, we’re lucky that mosquitoes rarely carry serious diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis or West Nile Virus. But as these diseases spread in New England every year, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Treat your outdoor spaces for mosquitos this spring before summer gets underway. You can use a combination of holistic treatments such as planting anti-mosquito herbs as well as industrial treatments to prevent mosquitoes from returning and manage this pest control.


As tick-borne illnesses continue to spread across the new territory in the United States, concern regarding the presence of ticks in yards during the spring and summer heightens. Nobody wants to spend a spring weekend in bed with Lyme Disease.

Strategize the best ways to prevent ticks from inhabiting your yard or infesting your pets’ fur when you talk to the experts about how to manage these nasty arachnids.

Stinging Insects

Wasps and hornets can make being outside a frightening experience, especially for kids and pets. Plus, given their penchant for setting up nests in doorways and window wells, forced interaction with these unpleasant stinging insects becomes almost unavoidable. For folks living with allergies to these types of stings, spring and summer are difficult times.

Maine Bed Bugs offers comprehensive extermination to remove dangerous stinging insects from your property.

In fact, Maine Bed Bugs offers prevention and removal of a wide variety of pests that arrive in the warmth of spring. Scheduling regular pest services can keep you pest-free this spring and summer. Reach out today to see how we can help solve your pest problem when you call (207) 650-8654.

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