Commercial Bed Bug and Pest Control Services

Protect your commercial building from unwanted pests with professional insect treatment services. Our team of experts uses a variety of effective methods to protect your workplace or investment property, including bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants.

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How does it work for your business?

Your business is unique. We have worked on factory floors, in office buildings, apartment complexes, and food service establishments. At Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control, our team of pest control experts work with you to find the best treatment methods for your unique needs.

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Why Choose Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to Treat Your Business or Investment?

* Discreet: Our vehicles are unmarked to protect your privacy, Your business is nobody else’s business.

* Customized solutions: We offer heat treatments as part of our comprehensive insect control program, which also includes free quotes, inspections, treatment of cracks and crevices, and the application of products if necessary.

* Peace of mind: Our team of experts can provide you with pre-treatment instructions and a post-treatment consultation upon request so you know what to expect before we arrive and after we leave.

Protect your business from unwanted pests – contact us today to schedule your comprehensive commercial insect control inspection.

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