How To Conduct A Bed Bug Inspection In Ocean Park Maine  

Bed bugs have been a popular subject of news reports in past years and awareness of the problems associated with a bed bug infestation is growing. If you suspect you may have bed bugs in Ocean Park, Maine – or just want to be sure you don’t – follow the seven steps below to conduct a bed bug inspection. A bright flashlight will make the inspection easier; an L.E.D., keychain model works great.

            Bed Bug Inspection In Ocean Park | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlOne instance of bed bugs based on the steps below is enough to warrant a call to a local pest control specialist such as Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. A small sign in one location can mean that the infestation hasn’t grown yet. Getting rid of the bed bugs at this point is much easier because their numbers haven’t increased to the point that they would show up in other places throughout your house.

            If you see even small signs of a bed bug problem, don’t wait. Call a pest control specialist immediately.

1) Inspect the mattress and pillows

            Turn off the lights, pull off the sheets and blankets, and, using your bright flashlight, carefully inspect the mattress and pillow seams. Bed bugs like to cluster in corners so this is the best place to start. Look for the telltale signs of bed bugs – dark brown or reddish blood spots – or bed bugs themselves.

2) Examine the sheets and blankets

            Once you’ve removed the sheets and checked the mattress and pillows, inspect all sheets and blankets that get frequent use. Check for dark brown or reddish blood spots – bed bug waste material – on all sheets, blankets, comforters, and dust ruffles. If you think you may have found the signs of bed bugs, call your local pest control specialist for a consultation.

3) Peruse the underside of the mattress and box spring

            Look between the mattress and box spring and be sure to shine your flashlight on the underside of the box spring. These are areas that sees very few disturbances so are prime locations for bed bugs to congregate. In addition, the mesh lining of most box springs allows easy access to these critters so it’s always important to check there as well.

4) Check the frame itself

            The corners of the bed frame are an oft-forgotten place where bed Bed Bug Inspection In Ocean Park | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Controlbugs can hide. These locations are often well-hidden and seldom disturbed so make sure you look there as well. This will require the removal of the mattress and box spring so you can get it all done in one fell swoop if you remove the mattress and box spring, inspect them as in step three, then check the frame itself which is now revealed for easy access.

5) Cracks and crevices near the bed

            Shine your light on every surface near the bed: chairs, bed-side tables, pictures, dressers, mirrors, electrical outlets, and even along floorboards and baseboards. Check the cracks between floorboards and the gaps between floor and baseboards. These areas allow bed bugs access to the wall and underneath the floors and are great places for them to hide. Make sure to check inside electrical outlets as these can also be portals to hidden places.

6) Other furniture and storage

            Examine all bookshelves and closets in the vicinity. These places, like bed frames, are seldom disturbed and are a great place for these pests to hide. There are often lots of nooks and crannies in closets and furniture so be sure to be thorough. In closets, be sure to check above the door along the inside of the door frame. For furniture such as dressers, remove the drawers and be sure to inspect the bottom surfaces of drawers and frame.

7) Inspect yourself and your family

            You may have discovered bites on your body already which led you to begin your inspection but remember, not all individuals exhibit signs of bed bug bites even though they are occurring. When you do perform a bodily-inspection, look for small bites that form a straight line. The bites may appear similar to a mosquito bite.

            If you find any of the signs of bed bugs listed above, it’s time to call a professional pest control expert that specializes in bed bug removal. Not all pest control professionals deal with bed bugs because of the specialized equipment necessary to make thermal remediation successful. Be sure to verify that the pest control specialist has experience using the equipment involved and can provide the results you are looking for. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is the best choice for bed bug removal in the Ocean Park, Maine area. Indeed, all of southern Maine can benefit from this tested-and-approved method of getting rid of the bed bugs that are infesting your home.

            Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is proud to offer the best method of bed bug eradication to all of Southern Maine. In addition, Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control offers a full line of services dealing with the removal of flying insects, crawling insects, and biting insects to the Sanford, Westbrook, and Waterville areas.

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