Mobile Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs: HOW to Prepare

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When it comes to pest control, and particularly the eradication of bed bugs from your belongings when moving to a new home, heat treatment is an effective method. It offers a chemical-free and highly effective solution to a problem that can be both disruptive and distressing. Nobody wants to bring bed bugs along for the ride when moving to a new house or apartment! If you live in Maine, there is an innovative solution that you should know about – the Heat on Wheels (HOW) mobile unit. This proven process is not only useful for individuals moving from one home to another, it’s also a great option for landlords looking to protect their properties from bed bug infestations. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your belongings for mobile heat treatment for bed bugs.

Step 1: Loosely Pack Your Stuff
When preparing for heat treatment, the first step involves packing your belongings. You can loosely pack your items in boxes, and leave the lids open, or you can arrange them on rack shelves in the HOW unit provided by Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. Either way, keep space between items so the heat can move around all surfaces during the heat treatment process. You don’t want to provide any insulated hiding spaces where bed bugs can potentially survive.

Remember, every item from your home that could potentially be infested needs to be prepared and treated. This includes clothing, bedding, books, and furniture.

Step 2: Load the Trailer
We bring our HOW unit, with over 1400 cubic feet of space, to your location. Simply transfer your belongings from your home or apartment to the trailer. Once all your belongings are on the rack shelves, the shelves are rolled into the heat trailer.

Step 3: The Heat Treatment Process
Once your items are loaded into the trailer, it’s time for the heat treatment to begin. The trailer will be heated and maintained steady at a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs and other pests. The process usually takes a few hours, but this could vary depending on the volume of items being treated.

Step 4: Unload the Trailer
After the heat treatment is complete, the rack shelves will be rolled out of the trailer. It’s then time to remove your belongings from the rack shelves. If you didn’t treat in boxes, don’t pack your pest-free belongings into boxes that were in your home. You will need to place your stuff into new, clean moving boxes to avoid contamination.

Step 5: Move into Your New Space
With your belongings now pest-free, you can move them into your new place with confidence, knowing you won’t be bringing an unwanted bed bug infestation along with you.

Remember, our goal here is to move your furniture, not the bugs. With the right preparation and our professional heat treatment, you can start fresh in your new home or rental, free of bed bugs and other pests.

Stock photos by Vecteezy