Preparing Your Home for the Fall and Winter Bug Migration

It’s a common misconception that as temperatures drop in the fall and winter months, pests die and are no longer a concern. But that’s not entirely true. With the arrival of the fall season, many pests migrate into homes to seek warm, protected places to take refuge and find food.

raccoons as pest during winter months

Once they’ve made themselves comfortable, they can be difficult to get rid of without the help of professional exterminators like Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control.

Fall and Winter Pests in Your Home

In colder months presets such as rodents, roaches, beetles, spiders, and even larger wildlife tend to find their way into homes. Here are some places you’re likely to find these pests:

● Out-of-the-way areas like attics, basements, and behind large appliances.

● Places that are naturally damp and have sources of water such as bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.

● Areas where food is stored like pantries, cupboards, and cellars.

Winter pests can cause serious damage. Rodents chew through drywall, wood, and electrical wiring. Cockroaches can contaminate food sources, spread bacteria, and provoke allergies. Some spider bites are toxic causing swelling, pain, and itching. Dust also accumulates in spider webs aggravating allergies and asthma.

Although less common, larger wildlife like squirrels, bats, and raccoons can also make their way into homes during cold months. Squirrels tend to take up residence inside the walls or in attics and can cause damage to electrical wires. Bats and raccoons are both known to carry rabies posing a health hazard to residents.

How to Prepare Your Home

As the seasons change, there are preparations you can make to your home to prevent pests from finding their way inside:

● Repair and fill cracks around the home, both inside and outside. Even small cracks are possible points of entry for some pests.

● Repair or replace screens over large openings like chimneys and attic fans.

● Frequently check remote corners of the home that are prone to dampness, especially the basement. Repair leaky pipes or use a dehumidifier to prevent dampness.

● Store firewood away from the home. Many pests like to make their home in stacks of wood. If kept close to the home, pests are more likely to migrate inside your house.

Autumn and Winter pest preparations should be an important part of every homeowner’s seasonal home maintenance.

Professional Pest Control

One of the best measures you can take as the seasons change is to contact a local exterminator like Main Bed Bugs to schedule a pest prevention checkup. They can identify areas needing maintenance to keep the pests out of your home.

If bugs or animals do migrate into your home this fall/winter, contacting a professional pest control company is the most effective way to rid of the pests. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control offers a full line of pest management solutions for all your pest problems.

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is a family-owned business dedicated to protecting your home from unwanted pests using safe and effective treatments. For help with pest prevention or extermination, this fall/winter call Main Bed Bugs and Pest Control at (207) 650-8654.