Let’s face it: animals are cute, but not all belong in your home.

Rodents like squirrels or rats most commonly find their way into your home by means of the attic, porch, or even literally beneath it. While these rodents may seem harmless within their newfound home, they can cause major health and safety hazards from chewing on wiring or leaving parasite-infected droppings in your living space.

Wildlife Removal in Portland ME.

If you are experiencing any kind of wildlife or rodent infestation in Maine, you should call the professionals at Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control immediately for safe removal.

Safe and Professional Wildlife Removal

If you are a wildlife lover, it may be hard for you to call a pest removal service to take care of a rodent infestation. However, the professionals at Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control can handle the situation with care. Depending on your particular rodent infestation, we will create a plan for wildlife removal that handles the situation with the safety of both you, your home, and the wildlife in mind.

Preventing Wildlife Infestation in Maine

To prevent future wildlife from returning, you can exercise a series of daily precautions. Because wildlife is attracted to food, disposing of trash properly and strongly sealing trash bags will help keep wildlife from sniffing out your home. Not allowing clutter to accumulate will keep wildlife from finding shelter within that.

Though, wildlife also sees your home as a shelter. Limit access to your home by sealing the chimney and repairing damaged windows, screens, and doors. Simply finding and blocking even the smallest of access points will prevent all sorts of critters from using your home as a shelter. If you are experiencing wildlife in your home, and it isn’t your beloved pet, call us at (207) 650-8654 today!