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Small Business Pest Control in Maine

When you have your own small business or work for a small business, there are more things to think about and more tasks to do than one may think. So thinking about pest control is not usually a top priority unless there is a problem, but by then it may be a difficult and expensive problem.

So don’t think about it! Small business pest control is an important part of owning and operating a business, and one that can be handled easily by bringing on a partner like Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. We can handle your pest control needs start to finish.

Reasons to Keep Pests Under Control

Often we think that if we do not see evidence of pests, then they are not around and not a problem. But that’s simply not true. Many pests are seasonal or can hibernate for days or even weeks at a time. And many people do not know the signs of a pest infestation, other than seeing a fleet of ants marching across the floor. It’s important to enlist a skilled company for small business pest control to keep pests at bay ALL the time, and to keep your employees safe and happy.

Health Regulations

Small Business Pest Control in MaineAny sign of bugs in a kitchen environment can be a real killer for small businesses that provide food. From ants to roaches, not only is it unpleasant to deal with pests near your food, it can be an actual health violation that earns you a downgraded ranking, fines, or even temporarily shut down.

Coming back from a shutdown is hard, but coming back from a roach rumor is even more difficult. Likewise, some bugs carry diseases that could make your employees or customers sick. Avoid the danger and stigma of a bug infestation by staying on top of pests. You’ll be happy you did when you earn an A+ health rating.

Letting rodent infestations persist can leave you with a big stink on your hands. Literally—rodents such as mice or squirrels will often nest in walls and sometimes even die there (of injury from improperly set traps or natural causes). The stench can be powerful. If you own a restaurant or salon or any other small business customers will be entering and remaining in for a long time, you never want it to smell bad.

Oftentimes the only way to solve the odor issue is to cut open the wall and remove the animal. Not only is this inconvenient and unpleasant, but it’s also expensive. Stop these sorts of issues before they even start by hiring professionals to trap and remove mammal infestations.

Liability with Employees and Customers

If you have the sort of business where employees or staff may be moving through small spaces or sorting inventory themselves, it is extremely important to keep your pests under control. Any sort of bite or sting is an unpleasant event, but poisonous bites or stings that cause serious allergic reactions could put your small business in a legal jam.

To lessen your liability in the event someone is bit or stung by a pest on your property, it is important to show that you’ve taken reasonable steps to reduce the risk for employees and customers while at your business. Keeping those you are responsible for safety is always an important part of good business tactics. Adding pest control is just one more step to meet these needs.

Threats to Inventory

maine pest control servicesWhether you carry dry goods, electronics, automobile parts, or food, pests are a threat to your inventory. Insects can make nests in rarely disturbed stock, such as stacks of tires or shrink-wrapped packages. Mice and rats will chew through wires when burrowing into electronics or engine bays. Ants and small mammals will seek out food and even destroy the packaging.

Not only are these pest attacks frustrating, but they’re also costly. Having to replace parts that have been chewed through or throw away food that has been broken into is not good for your business’s bottom line. Investing in pest control is insurance against these types of unexpected destruction.

What We Offer

Do you own or operate a small business and are in need of a pest control partner? Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control can help! From pesky bed bugs to deadly spiders and every little critter in between, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control offers complete control services for your office, warehouse or complex.

We know our insects inside and out, like where they like to live, what they like to eat, and every stage of their life cycles. So we know the best way to take them out and keep your small business safe. One call takes care of all your rodents, insects, and pests.

We offer regularly scheduled maintenance programs, as well as specialty pest removals such as cockroaches, wildlife, wasps and hornets, fleas, and other pests that are keeping your office from running smoothly. Call to schedule an appointment today at (207) 650-8654.