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Southern Maine Beetle Exterminator

Beetles are one of the most diverse insects in the word. There have been over 25,000 species identified in North America alone! Although most of the species are not harmful to humans and they tend to stay away from human interaction, they can still be an inconvenience and destructive to your property.

Beetle Appearance

Southern Maine Beetle Exterminator | Maine Bugs and Pest ControlMany times, a beetle can easily be mistaken for a cockroach and there is almost nothing worse than thinking your home is infested with cockroaches! You can identify a beetle by the fact that they have wings and can fly at you, whereas most cockroaches don’t take flight. Known as elytra, the front wings of a beetle look more like shells than wings. They fold the shell-like front wings over the thin back wings to protect them. Beetles come in all different shapes and colors, so it would be wise not to use that as a definitive identification tool.

Damage Caused by Beetles

Most beetles feed on plants, small insects, and animal fibers. A lot of them are considered pests in lawns and gardens because they eat through the foliage. Some species of beetles can be destructive in your home. The Carpet Beetle eats natural fibers, often damaging wool items and other fabric material. Powderpost Beetles feed on hardwoods and bamboo, damaging furniture.

Attack Pests with Your Southern Maine Beetle Exterminator

Trying to rid your home of beetles can be a daunting task if more than one keeps reappearing. If you live in Southern Maine and need an affordable beetle exterminator, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is your home defender. After a home inspection, a plan of attack will be developed. Your family will no longer have to fear the hissing sound beetles make when they come in contact with humans. Call (207) 650-8654 today for a stress-free, affordable extermination!