Southern Maine Flea Exterminator

South Maine Flea Exterminator | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlIf you’re an animal lover, you probably treat your pets like they are members of your family. You might take them for rides in the car, let them nap on the sofa, or even sleep with them in your bed. So when one of your beloved pets brings home a flea infestation, you have a major problem all over your house. Fleas are dangerous to both animals and humans, so it’s important to contact your southern Maine flea exterminator as soon as you suspect a problem.

Spotting Fleas

With all the flying bugs around in the spring and summer time, it may be hard to identify fleas from gnats or tiny insects. Fleas are around two millimeters long and usually a reddish brown color. Contrary to popular belief, fleas are wingless and do not fly, however they can scale large distances in a single leap thanks to their long legs. Which is how they jump from animal to animal so easily.

Fleas are thin, flat and covered in their own microscopic hair that allows them to move easily in your pet’s fur, then burrow in to feed. Fleas are a parasite, meaning they feed on blood from their hosts. If you think you have a flea problem, you can probably watch your pet long enough and see the fleas move in their fur. With less fury pets and those with light colored fur and skin, you may also be able to tell that their skin is red and irritated after the fleas have fed.

The Flea Fight

Fleas are very difficult to kill one by one or by hand. Usually chemical treatment is necessary, not only to kill the adult fleas but also the eggs that they lay in your carpet, linens or floor cracks. Flea eggs hatch in about two days after being laid, so the life cycle for these blood-suckers is quick. All the more reason you need a seasoned southern Maine flea exterminator by your side to help you fight them off. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control can step in and recommend a plan that keeps everyone in your home safe and healthy, including your four-legged family members. Call (207) 650-8654 today to fight the fleas!