Southern Maine Termite Exterminator

When you hear the word “termite,” the natural reaction is to cringe and then panic. A termite infestation is devastating for any building, but especially so when it’s your home. Your family and your life is in that house and a termite infestation threatens to harm them. You may not be all that concerned and think, “what can a tiny bug do to my big house?” Well it’s not just the one termite; it is a swarm of termites. They eat their way through the foundation of your home, which means structural integrity and safety are a major concern.

Signs of Infestation

Southern Maine Termite Exterminator | Maine Pest ControlSince you likely won’t see the actual termites themselves, there are other things you can look for if you believe you have an infestation. Like most pest infestations, you will be able to see droppings. Termite droppings are small, rigid, and are wood-colored. There will also be signs of mud tunnels. These are what the termites burrow through and leave behind them. Another sign of infestation to look for is a pile of shredded wings that have fallen off the termites located at an entry point of your home.

Southern Maine Termite Exterminator Defenders

Termite damage costs, on average, $5 billion a year and are a major threat to investments, including your home. Many insurance plans won’t cover the cost for treatment or repairs needed due to termites. No need to worry. An affordable termite extermination plan is within your grasp.

If you live in Southern Maine and see any signs of an infestation, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is your termite exterminator! Termites can be difficult to free your house of, but it can be done. An inspection of your home will determine the severity of your infestation. From there, an extermination plan that keeps your family safe and healthy will be recommended. Call (207) 650-8654 today to free your home from the attacking pests.