Real Estate Termite Inspection Maine

Buying a home can be nerve racking and extremely stressful. There’s a lot that goes into the decision process when buying a home, but no matter what, you should always have a real estate termite inspection done. Your choice on the house can be contingent on the fact that there may be wood-burrowing insects compromising the structure. Having a real estate termite inspection conducted can save you the time, energy, and money hassle that comes with a termite infestation. You don’t want to buy a house and then find out after you move in that there is a major problem.

Termite Activity in Maine

Real Estate Termite Inspection Maine | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlAs a new homeowner in Maine, it may come as a shock to you that there can be termite problems. Termites usually swarm on a hot day after a rainfall, which can be quite often in Maine. Although termites are more common in the more southern part of Maine in cities like Portland than they are in northern Maine in cities like Augusta, termites can be found across the whole state. Subterranean termites – termites that require contact with soil – are the most common in Maine and they typically swarm during the day from March to May.

The Process of a Real Estate Termite Inspection Maine

When you are buying a home and need a real estate termite inspection, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control are the experts to call. Our exterminators are highly trained in spotting the signs for a termite infestation. We will go to the house you are thinking about purchasing and we will do a thorough examination for termites. We will inspect accessible areas in which the termites can gain access to your home. We will look to see if the house was previously treated for termites. If there is an active infestation, we will recommend a treatment plan and be happy to carry it out at an affordable cost. Don’t add pressure to buying a home. Call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control and let us exterminate some of your anxieties. (207) 650-8654.