Preventing Bed Bugs in Southern Maine

Preventing Bed Bugs | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlBed bugs are one of the most difficult, costly and intrusive pest infestations to handle. And over the past few years, bed bug infestations have reached near epidemic levels all over the world. The tiny vampires were once virtually eradicated thanks to a pesticide that we now know is harmful to us and the environment (thus not used anymore), and like true pests the survivors multiplied and came back to drive us crazy. While there are options and treatments to get rid of bed bugs, learning tips and tricks to preventing bed bugs in Southern Maine is your best bet at keeping the unwanted house guests away.

An Education on Bed Bugs

As with many costly corrections, education is the best weapon in preventing bed bugs. Travel is the most well-known way to bring home bed bugs. Knowing how bed bugs travel and spread allows you to take the right precautions. It’s important to remember that bed bug infestations can happen anywhere, from homeless shelters to five-star resorts. So staying in a nice hotel in a good part of town doesn’t mean you’ll be bed bug free.

Don’t be afraid to inspect the mattress and sheets. If you see the tiny bugs themselves or pin-dot spots of a reddish brown substance, contact hotel management. And certainly notify someone if you wake up with strange bites and bumps. Bed bugs love to hitch a ride on luggage and hand bags, and they can withstand the trip across the country. So the next time you are on vacation, consider bringing large space saver-type bags with you to keep your luggage in when you’re not using it. The seal will keep all pests, including bed bugs, away from your stuff.

Vigilance at Home

If you suspect you came in contact with bed bugs, unpack your suitcase outside of your home, like in a garage on a patio. Wash your clothes in hot water and/or put them in the dryer. Heat is one of the few things that kills bed bugs. Then disinfect your suitcase with pest strips, sealing it up in a large bag and leaving it to fumigate for a few weeks. Consider a mattress and box spring protector. Just like you protected your luggage from hitch hikers, the bed protectors will take away a bed bug’s favorite place to hide and hibernate. Bed bug infestations are often spotted in the seams and corners of mattresses and in pillow cases.

Keep an eye out for telltale bed bug bites. These can look like mosquito bites but are often in groups of at least three. They are most likely to be found on body parts that are exposed while you sleep, like your arms, legs and neck. If you have bed bug bites, inspect every tiny crevice around your bed. This includes the headboard, mattress, end tables, and behind pictures frames. If you find any bugs or the reddish brown dots, contact a professional exterminator immediately. The longer you wait, the more they will multiply and the bigger the infestation will be.

Professionals on Call

If you suspect your Southern Maine home is under siege by bed bugs, call Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control at (207) 650-8654. As our name implies, we specialize in battling bed bugs and have devised an affordable, safe and effective way to do it!