Bed Bug Treatment in Maine

Pest control companies are often called in to provide bed bug treatment in Maine in homes, hotels, and dormitories. Infestations of these pests are becoming more and more frequent, due to two major reasons.


You may have never experienced bed bugs, until you traveled. You don’t even have to travel to a third world country to encounter bed bugs. You can find them in many hotels across America. Even fine hotels will battle infestation of these prolific little blood-suckers.

In fact, if you book your hotel or motel online, you’ll probably see a report regarding a bed bug rating for the hotel, so that you know whether or not the insects have been found onsite.

My family had personal experience with these bugs because of a hotel stay. When we first walked into our motel room, I saw a small, dead tick in the bathroom sink. Since we were in the mountains, I thought it was a deer tick that someone had found and crushed.

Bed Bug Treatment

The next day, my daughter woke up and said, “When did I bleed, last night?” There were tiny spots of blood on her sheets. I had no idea, and thought maybe she had mosquito bites that she had scratched during the night. Later that day, she complained of itchy bites on her arm and legs. I looked, and there were sections of bites – three and four bites in a line. They were tiny, red bumps, and she said they itched very badly. Not knowing what had caused it, we attributed it to mosquitoes, or maybe a small spider.

A few weeks later, we had been home for a while, and the red bumps returned. Not only that, we all started experiencing them! For some reason, I thought of bed bugs, so I looked them up online. Sure enough, that “tick” I had seen in the bathroom was actually a bed bug. They were in the beds and carpet of the motel we had stayed in. it was a nice hotel, and we had used this chain for decades. But, since we had placed our suitcases on the bed, and on the carpet beside the bed, the bugs had infiltrated our suitcases, and traveled with us. Now, our home was infested.


Mature bed bugs lay about 5 eggs a day. That doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up in a hurry. When you add to that the fact that traditional chemical treatment seldom kills bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle, you have a very durable little bug that continues to breed and spread.

Even the nymphs feed on human blood. While traditional bed bug treatment may kill the mature bugs and the nymphs, it seldom kills the eggs, too.

Steam Bed Bugs

You can, however, steam bed bugs. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control has a patented method for using heat to steam bed bugs and their eggs, eliminating the problem once and for all – or, at least until you bring more of the pests home in your clothing and luggage. The steam kills the bugs in all of their life stages, including the eggs, so that once your home, dorm, or hotel has been treated, you won’t have a recurrence of the original infestation.

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control has a checklist for you to prepare for the steam treatment. For example, you won’t want your aquarium to be affected, and pets should be removed from the area to be heat treated. Another suggestion is to place your suitcases in the room to be treated, so that re-infestation cannot occur from that source. Usually, one treatment is enough to get rid of the original infestation.

While bedbugs are very difficult to kill, the task is not impossible. Give Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control a chance to kill your bed bugs.

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