Bed Bugs in South Portland Maine

Bed bugs in South Portland Maine have become an epidemic menace. These tiny, blood sucking insects reproduce constantly, often remaining dormant for months at a time. Bed bug eggs also go dormant, surviving even the most lethal chemical. They simply wait for the ideal conditions in which to hatch.

But, there is a way to totally kill bed bugs in South Portland Maine. That method is heat. With heat, a qualified exterminator can kill bed bugs that live in your mattresses, baseboards, drapes, and carpets.  The heat will also kill bed bug eggs, which prevents the infestation from recurring.  If hiding places, such as luggage, are exposed to heat too, all of those bugs and eggs will die.

Bed Bugs In South Portland Maine

There are few exterminators in the country that have the equipment to get rid of bed bugs using heat. Main Bed Bugs and Pest Control, however, has the equipment. They heat bed bugs, thereby killing every adult, nymph, and egg. The heat will kill off the original infestation. To make things even better,  this method uses absolutely no chemicals!

With chemicals, the best you can do is control bed bugs. They will repopulate once the chemical is worn off. If you want to completely get rid of bed bugs, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control has the equipment to use heat. They have studied every method of killing bed bugs, and discovered that chemicals lose their potency, over time.  Once the chemicals are gone, eggs hatch, and the bed bug infestation recurs.  Their patented heat treatment kills both the eggs and the bugs with no chemicals, at all. And, even better, you don’t have to endure that nasty chemical odor, or clean up any residue

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