Bed Bugs in Southern Maine

Bed bugs in Southern Maine have become an almost epidemic problem. These minute creatures reproduce at an alarming rate, and can remain dormant for months at a time. Their eggs, too, can survive even the most lethal chemicals, as they lie in wait for the perfect time to hatch.

There is, however, one way to successfully kill bed bugs in Southern Maine or anywhere else. That fool-proof method is the use of heat. Heat will kill bed bugs that are currently living in the creases of your mattresses. It will also kill the eggs those bed bugs have laid, so that there is not a recurrence of that particular infestation. Finally, if luggage and other hiding places for dormant bugs are exposed to heat, those, too, will be killed, and any eggs they have laid.

Bed Bugs in Southern Maine

Unfortunately, there are not many exterminators who have the equipment or the skill to use heat to get rid of bed bugs. Main Bed Bugs and Pest Control , however, is ready to do the job for you. They heat bed bugs, killing them once and for all. The original infestation of these blood sucking pests will not recur, and what is even better, this method uses no chemicals at all!

At best, chemicals may control bed bugs. But you want to kill them. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control has studied every conceivable way of killing these awful pests. But, chemicals lose their potency after a while, and the eggs will hatch and the infestation will recur. The heat treatment will kill the eggs and bugs without any damage to pets or children, and with no residue or odor.

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