Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Have you ever heard of heat treatment for bed bugs? Well, I never had, until I learned about Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. They use heat to get rid of bed bugs, and it really works!


We hardly ever go anywhere, so when we had a chance to go on a short vacation, we were more than excited. We stayed in a nice hotel – not luxurious, but comfortable, with a free breakfast and everything. The beds were comfortable, the rooms were a nice size, and the water pressure was decent.

My daughter woke up the next morning, and commented that there were spots of blood on her sheets. I just assumed, since we hadn’t been hiking in the woods or anything, that she had gotten a mosquito bite or something during the night.  Later in the day, she showed us some tiny red bites on her arms and legs. We had no clue as to where they came from.

Two weeks later, we had been home for a while, and we ALL had tiny red bites. Someone suggested that we may have bed bugs. I got on the internet, and lo and behold – there was the little “bug” I had seen at the hotel.

Except, we didn’t have one little bug. We had an infestation.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

My first, panicked move was to find out how to get rid of bed bugs. I found out that it can be very, very hard to kill off these little creatures. There are chemicals that can kill them, sure, but the eggs can stay dormant for as long as they need to in order to hatch into an environment that is not contaminated. Eggs that stay dormant – who knew?

I bought the bed bug spray that you can use in your house, but I didn’t realize that I needed to spray our suitcases in the basement. The bugs can stay dormant, too, and could have re-infested my house later, when we used the suitcases again.

So, how do you get rid of bed bugs? Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control came to my rescue. After struggling with repeated chemical treatments that usually made my asthma act up, I found that Maine Bed Bugs can kill bed bugs and their eggs with just one treatment. They use heat.

Can’t Take The Heat?

It seems that bed bugs can survive just about any temperature, as long as it’s below 120 degrees F. That’s where Maine Bed Bugs comes in handy, because they have a heater that can kill bed bugs and their eggs. While the eggs may not be vulnerable to chemical pesticides, they can’t withstand heat. Not many pest control companies have the equipment necessary to heat bed bugs, so they rely on the traditional chemical processes.

The heat penetrates your mattress, bed frame, carpet, drapes, and even your luggage, if you place it in the room being treated. There are certain precautions you must take when having heat treatment for bed bugs. For example, you can’t leave an aquarium in the room when you heat bed bugs. You certainly can’t leave potted plants in the room, either, or wax candles. But, they have a checklist on their website that tells you how to prepare for the heat treatment.

Well Worth It

I guess that the lesson I took away from this is that you can’t control bed bugs. They come back whenever they want to, and breed every day. The only way to actually kill bed bugs and eliminate their eggs as well is with heat.

With bed bug infestations on the rise all across the country, chances are you will encounter them at some point. Even if you don’t travel much, you may have guests who bring them in. If you live in the southern Maine area, and find that you have a bedbug problem:

Contact Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control at 207-650-8654.

Dale Carlson can give you an estimate right away, and schedule your heat treatment for bed bugs.