How to Kill Bedbugs in Biddeford ME

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control know how to kill bedbugs in Biddeford ME. They use heat! While chemicals may not do a complete job, bed bug heat treatment kills the bugs at every stage of life – from eggs, to nymphs, to adults.

The Shortcomings of Chemicals

Many people are sensitive to even the most mild of chemicals. Exterminators have chemicals that are almost odorless, and totally safe for pets and children, and yet, some people with breathing problems, or with sensitive allergies, may find themselves sick after the house is sprayed. If this is the case at your house, you may need to find another way to get rid of bed bugs.

How to Kill Bedbugs in Biddeford ME

Chemicals also lose their potency after time. Exterminators may spray the chemical around the baseboards and bed frame, and even spray your mattress. However, the chemicals won’t kill the eggs. With other insects, the eggs can be expected to hatch in a particular number of days, and the exterminator can come back and spray again at about that time. However, bed bug eggs don’t hatch after a certain amount of time. They will remain dormant until the environment is safe, and hatch when the conditions are right for the nymphs to live.

Bed bugs themselves can go dormant for months, even a year or more. That is plenty of time for the chemicals to lose their power before the bugs become active again. In addition, they will remain in your luggage in storage, where chemicals would never touch them.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control have learned that bed bug heat treatment is the best way to kill infestations of these pests. Heat kills the bugs at every stage of life, including even the eggs. Dormant bugs can’t escape heat, either.

This kind of heat, however, requires specialized equipment. Bed bugs can live through temperatures up to 120o, so it takes a heater that can exceed this temperature safely. If you go online at Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control, you can get a sheet that tells you how to prepare for the heat treatment in your rooms. Candles, aquariums, pets, and some other items should be removed before the heat treatment is done. But, you can bring in your luggage, so that it receives the heat treatment just like the rest of the room. This will make it far more likely that you’ll be able to avoid re-infestation from the same group of bed bugs.

Prevent Bed Bugs

How can you prevent these pests from getting into your house, so that you won’ have to call an exterminator? Most bed bugs enter your home in your clothes and luggage after you have stayed in a hotel or inn that has bed bugs. They burrow into your clothing and luggage, and when you set your suitcases on your bed, they’ll either burrow in deeper, or climb out of the suitcase to get away from the activity.

One of the first lines of defense in preventing bed bug infestations is to be careful to inspect your motel or hotel room before you settle in. Check under the sheets, up against the mattress. You may see little brown spots of dried blood where the bugs have defecated after dining of the previous guests. You may even see husks from bugs that have died. These bugs only get about ¼ of an inch long when fully grown, so they are hard to see. Even when their husks have been vacuumed off, the spots will still have to be shampooed away.

Don’t place your luggage on the bed. Since bed bugs are awakened by CO2 emissions from sleeping people, they tend to stay closest to the bed, rather than other places. Of course, they will spread when the infestation is out of control, but for minor infestations, the bugs will remain around the bed. Use luggage racks so that they don’t have a chance to get into your luggage.

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