Lewiston Bed Bug Exterminator

Are you waking up with itchy bite marks all over your body, yet you haven’t spent much time outside where bugs are? You may have found yourself in the situation no one ever wants to hear about their home: you have a bed bug infestation.

Lewiston ME Bed Bug Exterminator | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlUnbeknownst to many people, bed bugs aren’t just found in your bed. They can be found on your couch, on your floor, and even sometimes on your clothes. If you’re seeing signs of bed bugs around your home, it’s time to call the exterminator.

Signs of Bed Bugs

While the common perception is that bed bugs are very difficult to see, that isn’t always true. Bed bugs can range in size with adults getting up to ¼ inch long and appearing in a reddish-brown color. Bed bug eggs are pearly white and very small, only 1mm. The eggs may be difficult to see, but they will almost always be found in a cluster.

Bed bugs are mainly nocturnal pests and are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide. These facts make it clear why you would see signs of biting on your skin during the night. Another reason you will find bite marks is because bed bugs almost exclusively live off of human blood. While the bite marks may irritate you, you don’t have to worry about disease as bed bugs are not known to carry diseases. Sure signs of a bed bug infestation other than bite marks and egg clusters include:

●        Physically seeing the bugs

●        Finding case skins the bed bugs shed as they turn into adults

●        Signs of defecation which can be seen as black or brown stains on porous surfaces

Your Premiere Lewiston Bed Bug Exterminator

Lewiston ME Bed Bug Exterminator | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlNo one likes having pests in the house, but bed bugs seem like the worst to have. When you figure out they are there, you do not want to sleep on your bed or be anywhere near anything the bed bugs might have been on.

Most people believe that if they throw out their mattress and just get a new one it will solve the bed bug problem, but as earlier stated, bed bugs can cling to items outside the bed including your clothes.

You want a professional Lewiston bed bug exterminator to completely rid your home of these nasty pests. Maine Bed Bug and Pest Control is your premiere choice for a Lewiston bed bug exterminator. Our company was founded on a family bed bug problem and we sure know a lot about them. Let us help you exterminate your bed bugs so you can sleep soundly. Call us today at (207) 650-8654.