Southern Maine Bee Exterminator

Maine Bee Exterminators | Maine Bed Bugs and Pest ControlBees are unique, essential insects in our world. They pollinate about one-third of everything we eat and are very important in the planet’s ecosystem by pollinating seeds, fruits and berries eaten by other animals. But bees pack a punch. A bee sting can not only be painful; it can be deadly for someone with an allergy.

Allergic reactions from bee, hornet and wasp stings can lead to extreme swelling and anaphylactic shock. Bee stings can also be dangerous to pets and other animals. So when you see bees gathering near your home or office, you need a southern Maine bee exterminator with the experience to safely remove the intruders.

Hive Removal

Bee removal can include removing a bee swarm, also known as newly arrived bees, and removing established bee hives. Bee hives start forming after the bees have been in one place for a week or two. If the bees form a hive, you will need to remove and dispose of the hive materials after removing the bees. Removing a hive may include opening up a wall or roof to remove the contents, which can be a costly expensive. The sooner you notice the bees and can call a southern Maine bee exterminator, the less time they will have to make a hive and destroy your home!

If a hive is not removed, it can lead to problems in your home. The honey-filled comb can melt and cause damage to building materials, or bees from another hive (called “robber” and “scout” bees) may try to steal the honey or occupy the empty hive, thus starting your bee problem all over again.

Bees Be Gone

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control takes bee removal and hive removal seriously. We are a full-service structural pest exterminator and use eco-friendly methods. Call 207-650-8654 for your southern Maine bee exterminator.