You’re doing laundry and today is bedding day. When you remove all the bedding, you notice some markings on your mattress. Upon closer inspection, the markings look like reddish brown stains. You recall that these markings could be signs of bed bugs and remember that you have also had red bumps on your arm, but thought nothing of them. These two things together make for promising signs that you think you have bed bugs. What do you do now?

What to Do About Bed Bugs | Maine Bed Bugs & Pest Control


Keep Calm

Your first instinct will be to panic and start hauling things out of the bedroom straight to the trash. Don’t do that. If you move infested items throughout the house, this allows the bed bugs to travel as well, spreading to other areas of your home. You don’t want them spreading, so remain calm and move on to inspection.


There are other insects that have similar signs to bed bugs. These pests include carpet beetles, spider beetles, roach nymphs, and bat bugs. You want to inspect closely to make sure it is in fact bed bugs you are seeing. Take a flashlight and inspect underneath your mattress, in the seams of your mattress, in cracks and crevices around the bed, and the baseboards near your bed. Adult bed bugs and even bed bug eggs are visible to the naked eye so you won’t have trouble finding signs of an infestation.

Bring in Professionals

There are DIY treatments you can try to exterminate the bed bugs with, but a sure fire way to be positively rid of your unwanted guests is to call a professional. And not just any professional, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. We are a family-oriented company and want to help you eliminate your infestation so you can go on with your life. We are trained with the safest extermination techniques available so you and your family don’t have to worry. Call (207) 650-8654 today to set your appointment!