There is always the fear when traveling that you’ll bring home an unwanted friend. No, not the weirdo from the plane next to you in 4C—bed bugs! Bed bugs are an insidious and downright threatening pest that you don’t want to accidentally tote home in your suitcase.

Bed Bug Travel Tips

While traveling, follow these commonsense guidelines to avoiding bringing bed bugs home to Maine with you:

Be choosy about where you stay: It’s rare you’ll be able to tell if a hotel is likely to have bed bugs just when arriving at check-in. The most expensive hotel could have them, and the cheapest motel could be totally clean. However, if you notice a lack of cleanliness throughout the hotel or a clear lack of vacuuming or laundering, hightail it out of there. Both skimping on vacuuming and doing laundry can let a bed bug infestation persist.

Keep your clothes bagged: Don’t lay your things around the hotel room. Avoid putting them away in drawers, especially if your stay will be brief. Bed bugs are easily carried in fabrics, so avoiding contact with too many surfaces is important.

Check for bed bugs: It may be a simple step, but how many people really every look? Bed bugs are often detected by small stains on the sheets (from their droppings and the blood of victims who were bitten in the night. Inspecting the mattress, especially the edging, is also important as droppings may be obvious there. They will be dark, round pellets, often stuffed along the seams of the mattress. If you see these, get out immediately.

If you bring home an unwanted visitor: Even the most conscientious traveler may bring home some bed bugs. Due to their persistent nature, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Besides infesting all of your fabric decors, biting you in your sleep, leaving you open to infection, and possibly even driving you to psychosis due to extended sleep deprivation, bed bugs are just pests that have no business being in your home.

To get started removing an infestation, call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. Our preferred method of pest control for bed bugs is heat treatment, which kills the bed bugs by exposing them to 118-degree heat. There are no chemicals involved, so there are no risks or inconveniences associated with tenting your home.

Bring home an unpleasant souvenir? Give Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control a call at (207) 650-8543 to say goodbye to bed bugs.