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If you need a Trevett ME exterminator for bed bugs, call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. They specialize in the removal of bed bugs, working with patented equipment and methods to keep Trevett homes, apartments, and hotels free of these vicious pests.

What Do They Eat?

What do bed bugs eat? Well, just like mosquitoes and fleas, they live on the blood of their victims. Unlike some of these other pests, they have an analgesic in their saliva. This analgesic deadens the spot where they are biting you, so that you don’t feel the bite at the moment it occurs. However, a few hours later, you’ll catch yourself scratching, and look down to see a row of three or four tiny, red bumps. These bumps will be terribly itchy, and you’ll wonder where in the world you got them. You’ll probably look through your clothes for some spider or other bug that might leave such a painful bite. But the bed bug is long gone – or at least, you’re far away from the bug that bit you. It’s tucked away snugly in bed, waiting for the next guest.

Why Beds?

Bed bugs are attracted to CO2. When people and animals are asleep, they exhale more CO2 than they normally do. With their prey deep asleep, the bed bugs will come out of hiding to feast in peace. As your breath becomes more shallow towards dawn, and you start to wake up, the bed bugs quickly retreat to their hiding places, contented with the gorging they have done during the night. Hours later, you’ll start to itch, and wonder what caused the bites.

Where Do They Hide?

Bed bugs can hide in the tiniest of places. They love to wedge themselves into the piping around the edges of your mattresses, in the hems of bed coverings, and even in the joints of the headboard and bed frames. They will burrow into the carpet beneath the feet of the bed frame and headboard, and down into the joints between the baseboard and floor or wall. They will also hide in your luggage. You’ll never see them, unless you know to look for them! They will burrow down into the seams and pockets of your luggage, and wait until you place your suitcase on your bed to unpack. They’ll flee the activity, which means they move to your bed, where they will infest your home.

How Do You Kill Bed Bugs?

Trevett ME Exterminator

Trevett ME Exterminator for Bed Bugs

To kill bed bugs, you need to find an exterminator for bed bugs. Chemicals do kill the mobile bugs – the ones that crawl out every night and feed on whomever is sleeping in the beds. However, chemicals lose their effectiveness over a period of time, and won’t affect the nymphs that hatch after the chemicals have dissipated. In addition, the eggs will go into dormancy until the habitat is safe for the nymphs. Not many insects have eggs that can go dormant, but the bed bug does! Not only that, the bugs go dormant as well. So, if you store your luggage after a trip, and the bugs don’t have any food, that’s ok. They’ll just sleep until you juggle the suitcases around again for the next trip.

The best way to kill bed bugs in Trevett is with heat. Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control will use patented heaters to raise the temperature in your room and kill bed bugs. But, even better, the heat will kill dormant bugs that may not crawl across chemicals. The heat will also kill any eggs in the area. That’s something else that chemicals won’t do.

Bed Bug Remedies

While chemicals will kill bed bugs, heat is the best way to get rid of them. With one treatment, the nymphs, adults, and eggs will all be killed. But, what about the bites?

With bed bug bites, or just about any other bite, you can put a little bit of Ora-Gel in the bite. This will help to numb the area and reduce swelling. Some people have success with a little bit of vinegar on a cotton ball – just dab the vinegar on the bite to take the sting out.

Trouble Shooting

To find out if your bites are caused by bed bugs, you can place little CO2 traps under the feet of your bed. The bugs will be attracted to the gas, and won’t be able to escape the trap.

If you have bugs in the trap, then call:

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control



They can put you on their schedule, and use their patented method for extermination of bed bugs permanently.