Bed bugs are not something you want in your home. They burrow into your mattress, your clothes, other furniture, and leave you covered with bite marks. Most bite marks just cause irritation and an itching sensation, but some bites can cause allergic reactions that require medical attention. Although bed bugs are not considered dangerous, they are a nuisance. You need to know how to find bed bugs in your home in case you need an extermination expert.

How to Find Bed Bugs in Your Home | Maine Bed Bugs & Pest Control

Signs of Bed Bugs

To identify a possible bed bug infestation, you need to look for physical signs that they are there. Whenever you change your bedding or are staying somewhere other than your home, it is always a good idea to look for these signs:

  • Reddish brown stains on the sheets or the mattress itself. This is caused by bed bugs being crushed while you sleep.
  • Blackish dark spots in the shape of a circle or smeared across the mattress. This is bed bug excrement.
  • Pale yellow eggs that are about 1mm in size.
  • Live bed bugs. Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye so you will be able to see one scuttle across your sheets or mattress.

How to Find Where Bed Bugs Hide In Your Home

When bed bugs aren’t busy feeding on your blood, they can hide in a variety of places. Mostly you’ll find bed bugs around the mattress, in the piping, seams and tags of the mattress and box spring, and in cracks in the headboard. Other places you might find bed bugs include:

  • Seams of chairs and couches.
  • Under furniture cushions.
  • In the folds of curtains.
  • Drawer joints.
  • Under loose wallpaper or wall hangings.
  • Around electrical sockets.
  • Even in the corner where the wall and ceiling meet.

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