Having a bed bug infestation is not fun. While bed bugs are not considered dangerous, their bites can irritate your skin and, in rare cases, cause allergic reactions. Most importantly, bed bugs are just a big nuisance that no one wants to worry about. Calling an exterminator can make getting rid of them easy for you, but what if you have children in your home and don’t want them exposed to those nasty bed bug-killing chemicals? Lucky for you there is something called the heat treatment. When you call for Maine Bed Bug’s heat treatment, the essentials you need to know are:

Maine Bed Bug's Heat Treatment - The Essentials | Maine Bed Bugs

Heat Kills

You may be thinking that chemicals are the only way to get rid of bed bugs because that’s what you’ve been told your whole life. Well that is definitely not the case. Just like us, bed bugs are sensitive to overheating. They are resistant, but there is no resisting temperatures of over 120 degrees. The heat treatment kills bed bugs at every stage of life from the recently laid eggs all the way to adult bed bugs. The extreme heat causes dehydration and eventually leads to their extermination. So how is this done?

Maine Bed Bug’s Professional Whole House Heat Treatment

Here at Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control, we know that bed bugs can spread easily within your home. When you go through a heat treatment, it is essential to treat the whole house. You may think you only need it in the room where you found them, but bed bugs have a way of expertly hiding in other parts of your home. With Maine Bed Bug’s heat treatment, we will bring in large furnaces and generators to your home. Your whole house is closed down so no one accidently goes inside during the treatment. Then we pump hot air over 120 degrees inside your home. We will place large fans within your home to make sure the hot air we pump in circulates throughout the entirety of your home. This process lasts a few hours to make sure the hot air reaches every part of your home and kills all your bed bugs. While this treatment can be expensive, it does the job right and well the first time, not requiring additional treatments like chemicals treatments sometimes do.

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