How to Rid of Bed Bugs York County ME

Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult task. They breed every single day, and can go dormant for months at a time. Apartment owners in York County ME have found that they are having the battle of their lives in eliminating these creatures. But, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control know how to rid of bed bugs in York County ME.

Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

One of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs is with heat. They can withstand heat up to 120 degrees with no problem, so bed bug exterminators have to use temperatures in excess of 120 degrees. This can be done with a heater, or with steam.

Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control has a heater specifically designed to kill bed bugs. They are the only ones in York County that can use this patented method. Apartment managers, especially, like this method because it can kill bed bugs in the carpet, curtains, and even furnishings. Most of the time, apartments next door to the infested one have to be treated for bed bugs. But also, the apartments above and below must be treated, too! That is how severe an infestation of bed bugs can be. Heat treatment, however, can stop the infestation completely.

Steam treatment is another way to get rid of bed bugs. The steam, just as the excessive heat from the heater, will kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Chemical Treatment For Bed Bugs

Steam and heat are far superior to chemical methods, because chemicals wear off over time. They lose their potency, and the bugs will re-infest their habitat. You see, bed bugs and their eggs can go dormant indefinitely. That means if there is chemical present that would kill them, they simply will remain dormant until the chemical disburses. Chemicals that exterminators use no longer pose a threat to humans or pets, but they also won’t be potent enough to kill eggs before they hatch.

You can get a chemical spray for your luggage before you leave on a trip. Also, if you discover a bed bug in your bed or clothing, you can get chemical treatment immediately to kill the adults. But keep in mind – bed bugs lay eggs every single day, and those eggs can go dormant until it is safe for them to hatch. Chemical treatments may not kill the eggs, too.

How to Rid of Bed Bugs York County ME

Bed Bug Remedies

There aren’t really any bed bug remedies that will stop an infestation, other than an all-out assault on the bugs and their eggs. You can, however, take precautions to make sure that you don’t fall victim to a bed bug infestation to begin with.

Before you leave on a trip, spray your luggage with bed bug repellant. This will help to keep the bugs from burrowing into your suitcases and other luggage items if you stay in a place that has bed bugs. You may need to spray the luggage during the trip, too, if you are gone for a while, because the chemical will wear off.

Another way to protect yourself from bed bugs is to inspect each bed before you sleep in it. Pull back the covers and sheets, and inspect the seams of the mattress for signs of infestation. This would be tiny brown spots, which are the fecal matter from bed bugs. It is made up of digested blood from other guests in the hotel. You may also find pieces of dead bugs, or the shells of bugs as they molted from nymph to adult.

When you travel, try to keep your suitcases off of any soft material, like a bed or the carpet. The bed bugs can burrow down into cloth and carpet, and they’ll be attracted to your luggage because of the human smell. There, they will wait for the opportunity to get a free meal. Most hotels have a luggage rack for your suitcase so that you don’t have to set it on the bed. Otherwise, consider placing it on a chair in the room.

There are also some essential oils that are said to repel bed bugs. It might be a good idea to moisturize your body with these oils to keep the bugs from biting you. It can also infuse your clothes, discouraging the bugs from hitching a ride in your luggage or hiding in your clothes.

CO2 traps are great for determining if you have bed bugs in your home. These are little traps that can fit under the leg of your bedframe. They emit the gas that attracts bed bugs, and they get trapped in the container. If you don’t see bed bugs, then there is no problem. If you do see them, call a bed bug exterminator.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

The bugs themselves are tiny, which makes it harder to determine if they are present. The result is that often they have reached infestation levels before you ever know they are present. Their maximum size is about ¼ inch. They will be light brown to dark, reddish brown, depending on their age and whether or not they have just fed. If you find one on your clothing, inspect it carefully to be sure of its identity.

It really is possible to eliminate bed bugs. Call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to find out how you can get rid of bed bugs in your home, business, or apartment complex. While chemicals can have some use in slowing them down, the use of heat for bed bugs is proven to be the most universally successful treatment. It’s eco-friendly, effective, and affordable.

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