You’ve been warned about bed bugs when traveling, everyone has. The first thing you automatically do when you get into your hotel room is head straight to the bed, lift the sheets, and check for bed bugs. A bed bug infestation can happen at any time and since they are hitchhikers, traveling is the perfect opportunity for them to hitch a ride back into your home.

Unwanted Hitchhikers? How to Keep from Bringing Home Bedbugs when Traveling

No matter where you stay, a five-star resort, or a low-rate motel, you can encounter bed bugs. Do you want to avoid unwanted hitchhikers? How to keep from bringing home bed bugs when traveling is easier than you think.

Inspect Your Room

How Can I Tell if I Have Bed Bugs?Your first instinct when you get to your hotel room might be to drop on that comfortable bed and rest after your long travels. Resist the urge! The first thing you need to do when getting into your hotel room is to check all the places bed bugs like to hide. First, check the bed. Look at the folds and seams of the mattress for any dark stains. Dark stains are blood or feces caused by a bed bug infestation.

In some cases, you might be able to see the bed bugs themselves. You should also check the headboard. Although bed bugs typically cling to fabric, they can also dig their claws into the headboard. Next, you need to check any chairs or sofas that are in your room. Again, look at the seams and under the cushions for dark stains. If you see pearly white, rice-shaped eggs, that is a sign of the bed bug infestation increasing.

Keep Your Items Bed Bug-Free

The best way to keep your items bed bug-free is to keep your suitcase and other bags off of the floor. It takes a lot of bed bugs or a pregnant female bed bug to get into your things in order to bring home an infestation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most hotel rooms come with suitcase racks and you probably don’t use them, choosing to leave your suitcase on the floor. Use the suitcase rack to keep your items elevated and bed bug-free.

If you do think you’ve brought home a few bed bugs, unpack your things and immediately put your clothes in the dryer on high for about 30 minutes. Heat kills bed bugs and the faster they are exposed to it, the faster they die and don’t infest the rest of your home. To take extra precautions, you can call Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control today at (207) 650-8654 and let us check your home for unwanted hitchhikers.