When you talk about bed bugs, you mostly hear the stories about infestations in their namesake, the bed, and it’s mostly about hotel beds. Sometimes you’ll hear stories about how bed bugs infested suitcases, clothes, and sometimes they appear outside the bedroom in couches and chairs in living rooms. But do you ever hear about bed bugs on airplanes? Bed bug sightings on airplanes are rare, but can happen, so here’s how to spot bed bugs on planes and what to do about them:

How to Spot Bed Bugs on Planes – And What to Do About Them

Before Sitting Down

Just like you do when you get into your hotel room and check the bed, check your plane seat before sitting down. If your seat has bed bugs, you will be able to see them. Most airplane seats are dark in color, usually blue, which makes spotting the white of bed bugs that much easier than a white bed sheet in a hotel. Since bed bugs are shaped like and have a similar color to seeds and since people bring food onto airplanes, you may think you’ve come across a seed that was missed during the plane cleaning. However, you will quickly notice that the seed will begin to move and crawl about. If you see any signs of seed-like, white items on your seat, ask to be seated somewhere else if possible because that seat has bed bugs.

What to Do

Sometimes you can’t move seats because your flight is full and you have to sit in the bed bug seat. To protect yourself from bed bugs and potentially bringing them home with you, here’s how you can stay vigilant:

●        Bring your own plastic seat cover when you travel

●        Pack your own travel pillow and blanket instead of using the ones provided by the airline

●        Look for white, moving ovals indicating live bed bugs or reddish stains from crushed bed bugs from previous passengers

●        If you do see signs of bed bugs, inform a flight attendant immediately

●        Know that your report will cause the plane to be taken out of commission to be fumigated and deep cleaned to remove the bed bugs. Feel good because your report saved someone else from a bed bug infestation

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