You may think that you can forgo pest control during the winter months because when it’s cold, pest sightings die down and it seems as if they are completely gone. Unfortunately, the lack of their sightings is merely a decoy. You may not see them, but those creepy crawlers are still around. Winter is when eggs are produced and lay in waiting to be hatched during the warmer months. Staying on top of your pest control during the winter can make your Spring less pest infested.

5 Reasons to Continue Pest Control During the Winter

Why Continue Pest Control During the Winter?

Although it is cold outside and you don’t see many pests, your house is warm and the perfect place for pests to hole-up and getting ready for Spring. Here are 5 reasons why you should continue pest control during the winter:

●        Pests living inside your home, more specifically, the walls of your home, are not affected by the cold weather outside and can still wreak havoc on your home.

●        Attics provide shelter to insects such as spiders and wasps

●        If any entry-points into your home are not properly sealed off during the winter, rodents can find their way into your home.

●        Pest control during the winter will treat any current pest problems you have. If you have a pest problem, or a history of pest problems, you want to continue your pest control inspections even during the winter.

●        Prevent future pest problems with winter pest control inspections. Get your home ready for warmer months and reduce your pest problems when Spring blooms.

Who to Call

When you’re protecting your home from these pesky invaders, you want to hire a company you know will have your back. Here at Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control, we are a family owned and operated company and we treat your home as if it was our own. We don’t want pests invading our home and we don’t want them invading yours. When you call us, you know that we will deliver effective, safe treatments to dispel any pests in your home. You can count on us to protect your home, all you have to do is call: (207) 650-8654!