Safety Precautions for Home Use of Insecticides in the Lewiston, ME Area

At Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control, we prefer to avoid chemical treatments when possible (check out our highly effective heat treatment for bed bugs!). But some infestations just can’t be dealt with without insecticides.

Safety Precautions for Home Use of Insecticides in the Lewiston, ME Area

If you’re at the point where you need to use insecticides in Lewiston, ME, there are some safety precautions you should take to keep yourself, your family and your pets safe from these potentially toxic substances.

Read the Labels

Double and triple check your labels. Make sure these can be applied safely where you plan to put them. Distinguish indoor and outdoor products. Stick to the recommended doses.

Buy Less

Use a little insecticide as will get the job done. If you over-buy these products, you will either need to store them, which could be dangerous with children or pets in the house. Or you will have to throw away some of it, which is not great for the environment.

You can always go back to the hardware store for more. Be conservative in your first buy.

Dress for the Job

Cover-up so as to not spray yourself with insecticides. Long pants and sleeves should be paired with heavy duty gloves. If you are concerned about fumes at all or the label says not to breathe in the spray of your insecticide, look for a recommended respirator mask to protect your lungs and brain while working with the product.

Prep the Area

Move items that could get sprayed out of the way. Kid’s bikes, dog bones, outdoor furniture. It’s better to not spray these with insecticides at all than to try to guess where to wipe them down later.

Give the home insecticides time to dry before putting things back.

Package Food

Don’t spray indoors if there is food out. Take the fruit basket off the counter and close up any packaging near where you are spraying. Cover the dog’s food and water bowl.

Consuming home insecticides is dangerous for both humans and pets. If you think you may have eaten any contaminated food accidentally call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

Call in the Experts

We have the tools and know-how to safely apply insecticides. From our fully-vetted personal protective equipment to our familiarity with spraying and application, it’s easier for us to be safe after doing this 1,000 times than for you to be on your first try.

Let us handle the dirty work for you so that you can stay safe and pest-free. Give us a call to schedule an appointment (207) 650-8654.