The Beauty of Portland Maine Isn’t Just In Nature

 The Beauty of Portland Maine Isn’t Just In Nature

Portland is a beautiful place to live.  I suppose I should clarify that and say that Portland Maine (or the Portland of the East) is a beautiful place to live. Not to detract anything from the Portland of the West – I’m sure it’s also a beautiful place – but we live here and think it’s the best place to be…plus we were first.  Copycatters!

I feel that the beauty of this place is partly due to its history.  Permanent settlement of this area stretches back almost four hundred years!  Think about that.  Portland Maine was just getting started during the life of Galileo.  Newton hadn’t even been born yet.  Shakespeare had only been dead for about fifteen years.  Rembrandt was in his mid-thirties.  Johann Sebastian Bach wouldn’t be born for another fifty years.  And the telescope hadn’t even been invented yet.  That’s cool!  Not that the telescope hadn’t been invented or that Shakespeare had recently passed away but that the place where my kids go to school was around when history was being made.

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When you examine the architecture of some of the old building in Portland Maine, you feel transported into the past where life was simpler – though perhaps more difficult.  The history reflected in the buildings and construction of the area coupled with the natural beauty of our surrounding makes for a magical experience all around.

Portland Maine has always played a role in the history of the United States as well.  On October 18, 1775, Portland (then known as Falmouth) was burned by the Royal Navy in a conflict that would come to be known to the world as the Revolutionary War.  And Portland was not exempt from the Civil War either.  On June 26, 1863, a Confederate raiding party entered the harbor setting off one of the northernmost battles of those trying years.

Though nature is a big part of the experience of living in Maine, it’s not the only thing that provides beauty.  Though it’s not as evident as the trees, or the rocks, or the ocean, the history of this place is just as beguiling as its surrounding.

And just as inevident as the history of Portland Maine are the tasks it takes to keep this city a great place to live.  Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is proud to offer its services to keep the building and home of Portland Maine and the surrounding area safe, secure, and free of pests.  We offer extermination services for bed bugs, carpenter ants, roaches and fleas to the residents of southern Maine including York County and Cumberland County.

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