Keeping Your Business Bug-Free

Even more than homeowners, business owners feel the pressure to keep their businesses bug-free. Answering both customers and the health department, having a clean and healthy business is essential for companies to stay open and maintain a good reputation. When businesses work with experienced pest control companies like Maine Bed Bugs, they can feel confident that their premises are remaining bug-free and that their business will not be interrupted by closures thanks to surprise infestations.

Small Business Pest Control in Lewiston, ME

There are several industries that benefit from regular pest control maintenance and steps that all companies can take to tackle pests on the premises.

Food Industry

Out of all businesses, the food industry faces the most pressure to remain pest-free. Besides the health department requirements, the horror of making a customer sick inspires many restaurants and stores to take steps that prevent bugs.

Because that’s the reality of bugs and other pests in the food industry: they’re not just icky, they can make people very sick. Like salmonella carried by roaches, the potential pathogens carried by bugs around food could result in serious illness, lawsuits, and business closure.

Hospitality Industry

Anyone working in the hospitality industry has dealt with the threat of bed bugs at some point or another. Bed bugs can cause serious skin irritation and secondary infections. But worse than their bites is the way they can spread rapidly through an inn, even making their way into guests’ luggage and infesting their home when they return.

Being associated with a bed bug outbreak is just about the worst marketing disaster a hotel can face. Taking preventative and immediate measures to deal with bed bugs will stop the threat of them for hospitality businesses.


Work with Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to shore up your pest prevention plan. We tackle the potential for pest infestation in businesses by looking for places on the property that may foster bug growth.

Eliminating space for exterior intrusions like vents without screening or open gaps around windows and doors is a good first step. Using safe and reasonable preventative products can also reduce infestation risks. Combined with common sense cleanliness, these strategies will end the chance for bugs to take off inside your business.

Non-Toxic Treatments

But in the event that some little critters find their way into your business, Maine Bed Bugs also offers non-toxic, customer-safe treatments that can be completed quickly without the need for extended closures.

For instance, using heat treatments on bed bugs is just as effective as tenting your business. But it’s non-toxic and can be completed during your off hours without the need to shut up shop for days. Using smart strategies with a pest control company like us can save your business time and efficiency.

Need pest control care at your business? Whether you want to be proactive or need pest control yesterday, Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control is here for you. Reach out at (207) 650-8654 to start keeping your business bug-free today.