You don’t want to get let down by your pest control company when you need them most. When it comes to dangerous infestations like bed bugs, stinging insects, or rodents, having a reliable pest control company on call for your home or business is the best way to avoid injury, illness, or unnecessary closures.

How to Choose a Reliable Pest Control Company

Look for these qualities in a pest company before committing to hiring them:

Highly Recommended

Whether by word of mouth or online reviews an established, the competent company should come with some glowing endorsements. Ask around or get online to find out more about the company you’re looking into.

Look for some “green flags” in their reviews, such as mentions of being on time, sticking to a budget, and completely successful removals. Vaguely positive reviews may not be as valid as you hope they are.

Officially Recognized

There are a few things to check to make sure your pest control company is an officially recognized, reliable company. Start by looking for listings in directories or professional associations. These can tell you whether or not a local authority is familiar with them.

Ask for copies of their insurance, bonding, and licensing. You should always have access to this kind of information before letting a service person onto your property.

Willing to Give a Quote

Inviting a pest control company out to your house to get a quote can tell you several important things. First, you can get familiar with the staff before letting them actually work on your property.

Second, you can get everything in writing such as their estimates, plan, scheduling, and more. A company that is reluctant to write these items down and commit to a plan may not be the best to hire.

Environmentally Conscious

It may seem counterintuitive to look for an exterminator who cares about animals and the environment, but just because they are willing to get rid of one dangerous pest doesn’t mean they don’t care about the surrounding ecosystems. Some pest control companies are pesticide-happy and willing to spray it whenever or wherever even if it is unneeded.

A reliable, quality pest control company will start low and go slow with escalated pest control measures. They care about protecting the plants, wildlife, pets, and kids who will live and play on the surfaces they may have to treat to get rid of pests.

For example, at Maine Bed Bugs we tackle bed bug infestations with heat treatments. These are not dangerous to pets or humans and don’t require you to leave the house for days. Starting with the least potentially harmful treatment is the sign of a patient, experienced company.

You can feel confident you’re working with a reliable pest control company when you hire Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control. Check out our reviews and official documents, request a quote, and ask about how we plan to reduce our impact on your home before we get started. We want you to feel satisfied with the services we provide.

Call to request an inspection and quote or to ask questions about our process at (207) 650-8654 today!