Ah, summer in Maine. There’s nothing like the sun, the fresh air, the blooming flowers—and the ticks, blackflies, and mosquitoes. For most people, it wouldn’t even feel like summer without these pests, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome guests on your patio.

Pests Remedies for Ticks, Blackflies & Mosquitoes

Try out some of these remedies for ticks, blackflies, and mosquitoes to make your yard and home a little more comfortable this summer.


If you’re looking for some less intensive remedies for ticks, think environmentally and herbally. There’s a variety of steps you can take that make getting to you harder for ticks.

When it comes to your yard, strategic landscaping may reduce the presence of ticks. Some suggest ringing your yard in a barrier of wood chips that make it more difficult for ticks to cross.

You can prevent carrier animals that carry ticks from crossing into your yard as well. This means keeping animals like mice and deer out of your yard. A good fence can prevent larger carriers from entering. Making your yard less attractive to small carriers by removing food or water sources can also reduce your mouse and thus tick population.

Bring in the birds. If you want to remove ticks that are present in your yard, getting chickens or guinea fowl can take care of your tick population. These hungry hunt-and-peck birds eat a variety of pests that show up in your grass.

For prevention on yourself, there are many herbal remedies that may fight off ticks. Some of these include strong-smelling oils from plants like lemon, peppermint, and citronella. These may repel ticks due to their strong scents.


Black fly season can be deeply unpleasant as these buzzing, biting insects invade your personal space. It’s no surprise folks are desperate for a way to evict these unwelcome intruders from the home.

Luckily, a tried and true home remedy seems to get these flies every time (and will also work on things like fruit flies). Mix a sweet, pungent liquid like wine or apple cider vinegar in a shallow container with liquid dishwashing soap. Black flies are attracted to the sweet scent but will die after drinking the soap.


Like ticks, repelling mosquitos involves a multi-layered approach to several remedies both environmentally and personally. If you have any citronella leftover from banishing ticks in your yard, you can try putting it to use against mosquitoes, too. Citronella has long been added to candles, torches, and personal repellent sprays as a natural remedy against mosquitoes.

You can try planting citronella as well as some other strongly scented herbs like lavender and basil which hold promise for warding off mosquitoes. Strategically placing these plants around your yard while also removing standing water from planters, puddles, and more makes your outdoor space inhospitable to mosquitos.

And if these remedies don’t work, there’s always Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control to bring in the heavy-duty equipment and treat pests like ticks, black flies, and mosquitoes. Call today for complete pest control services at (207) 650-8654.