If you have scheduled pest control services to visit your home or business, there are some steps to take before they arrive. Follow these suggestions to make for a seamless pest control treatment.

Preparing Your Site for Pest Control Services by Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control.

Move Objects Out of the Way

You want pest control services to be able to get into all the nooks and crannies of your building or outdoor space with their tools. To make this easier on them and the process more efficient, move furniture and materials out of the way.

By creating clear paths around your property, you make it possible for pest control workers to get in and out as quickly as possible.

If you are being treated for termites, move your belongings—everything, including your couch, fridge, coat rack and more—three feet away from the walls. Take clothes out of closets and cover any fabric items that can’t be moved as there will be drill dust from the termite treatment.

A similar strategy is needed for bed bugs. Moveable items like clothing should be removed. This will expose the floor and other surfaces that need to be treated.

Sanitize and Clean

For both flea and bed bug infestations, tackling fabric areas where the infestation may take root is essential pre-pest control treatment. Disposing of bedding may be the safest option, but you can also try washing it in extremely hot water to kill fleas, bed bugs and their eggs that may be on the fabric. Don’t bring this back until after the treatment is over.

Thorough vacuuming should also be done before pest control arrives. This can make it easier for them to see any new pest arrivals while also removing some living pests from carpets and drapes.

Put Away Food

Make sure all food is removed or safely put away before any chemical pest control is applied around your kitchen or pantry. Likewise, pick up your pet’s food and water dishes and put them away. Pest control sprays can be very dangerous to both humans and pets if consumed.

Food can also be the item attracting infestations like ants. By putting away food and vacuuming up any crumbs or spilled food, you can start to reduce your ant bait before the treatment even begins.

Remove Yourself

Your final preparation is finding somewhere else to be for the day or so while your pest control workers are tackling the site. This will give them enough space to get the work done, and also protect you from any dangerous chemicals. Make a plan to bring your pets with you as they may be more susceptible to some insecticides on the ground level.

At Maine Bed Bugs, we always appreciate the effort you put into preparing a site for us to work. Not only does it help us, but it is also a big factor in preventing reinfestation. If you have questions about how to prepare before we arrive for treatment, call us now at (207) 650-8654.