Just when the weather gets good enough to throw open the windows and enjoy the outdoors you remember…it is mosquito season, too. Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about scheduling your pest control services. When it comes to making your outdoor spaces safe and keeping your indoor spaces pest-free, Maine Bed Bugs knows what it takes to keep things on lock.

Spring Is the Perfect Time to Consider Scheduled Pest Control Services


If you’ve been asking yourself “Who invited these ants to dinner?” you’re not alone. One of the earliest signs of spring can be that steady, squirming line across your kitchen floor as the ants come marching in.

Ants aren’t typically dangerous in the way infectious disease-carrying or stinging insects are. But they do carry germs and given their attraction to food sources are an undoubtedly gross pest to see crawling over your fruit basket. Large numbers of ants can ruin food.
With enough contact—say accidentally sitting on some burrowed between couch cushions—ants will also bite. Though these are not typically dangerous, they can be painful and uncomfortable.

Treating ants and preventing their re-entry into the home is a project Maine Bed Bugs can help you tackle this pest control project. Protect your food and get rid of these unwelcome guests before they take hold this spring.


If you’ve lived in a mosquito-laden area for a while now you’re probably familiar with the claim that mosquitos are the deadliest animal. Indeed, around the world, people die in high numbers from mosquito-borne diseases. In Maine, we’re lucky that mosquitoes rarely carry serious diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis or West Nile Virus. But as these diseases spread in New England every year, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Treat your outdoor spaces for mosquitos this spring before summer gets underway. You can use a combination of holistic treatments such as planting anti-mosquito herbs as well as industrial treatments to prevent mosquitoes from returning and manage this pest control.


As tick-borne illnesses continue to spread across the new territory in the United States, concern regarding the presence of ticks in yards during the spring and summer heightens. Nobody wants to spend a spring weekend in bed with Lyme Disease.

Strategize the best ways to prevent ticks from inhabiting your yard or infesting your pets’ fur when you talk to the experts about how to manage these nasty arachnids.

Stinging Insects

Wasps and hornets can make being outside a frightening experience, especially for kids and pets. Plus, given their penchant for setting up nests in doorways and window wells, forced interaction with these unpleasant stinging insects becomes almost unavoidable. For folks living with allergies to these types of stings, spring and summer are difficult times.

Maine Bed Bugs offers comprehensive extermination to remove dangerous stinging insects from your property.

In fact, Maine Bed Bugs offers prevention and removal of a wide variety of pests that arrive in the warmth of spring. Scheduling regular pest services can keep you pest-free this spring and summer. Reach out today to see how we can help solve your pest problem when you call (207) 650-8654.